Normcore 58.5mm Coffee Tamper – Palm Tamper Built-In Spring – Espresso Coffee Leveler – Barista Tool – Flat Base

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Price: $42.99
(as of Apr 08,2022 21:23:10 UTC – Details)


NEW Normocre’s Coffee Distributor Tool is an accessory designed to move the coffee grounds consistently and evenly with its two angled slopes, ensuring coffee density is not localized and reduces friction, so coffee grounds don’t stick to the surface.
The Specifics:
Materials: 304 Stainless Steel / Anodized Aluminum
Adjustable Depth: 4mm – 12mm
58.5mm: Weight 350g
53.3mm: Weight: 296g
The set includes:
1 – Coffee Distributor
1 – Distributor Stand
Designed with a comfortable palm grip for less arm strain while tamping, it compresses the coffee grounds tightly and evenly.
With its built-in spring (30lb), it provides consistent tamping pressure with no additional adjustment needed.
The collar along the handle will rest on the basket which ensures a level tamp every time, which also results in better consistency and better extractions.
58.5mm Diameter: Ensuring a snug fit for most ’58mm’ baskets including VST, IMS, etc. It fits the standard size for the majority of home and commercial machines.
Premium material – the tamping base is made from CNC machined to a precise block of 304 Stainless Steel. The black handle is processed by anodized aluminum.

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