Normcore 58.5mm Coffee Distribution Tool – Espresso Coffee Leveler – Barista Coffee Leveling Tool – Adjustable Depth

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Price: $39.99
(as of Mar 21,2022 04:04:17 UTC – Details)


NEW Normocre’s Coffee Distributor Tool is an accessory designed to move the coffee grounds consistently and evenly with its two angled slopes, ensuring coffee density is not localized and reduces friction, so coffee grounds don’t stick to the surface.
The Specifics:
Materials: 304 Stainless Steel / Anodized Aluminum
Adjustable Depth: 4mm – 12mm
58.5mm: Weight 350g
53.3mm: Weight: 296g
The set includes:
1 – Coffee Distributor
1 – Distributor Stand
Even Distribution – improve your tamping and extractions when coffee grounds are distributed, therefore increased yield and better-tasting espresso.
Improve Tamping – this tool offers a level tamping surface which makes tamping become easier and more consistent.
Quick To Use – Before tamping, simply place it straight onto your coffee ground, twist it around 2-3 rounds clockwise, for a smooth even surface to tampon.
Adjustable Height – Simply unfasten the middle rim to adjust the wedge depth to suit your basket and dose.

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