Ninja Coffee Bar cf091 Review: Is It Durable For Years?

Ninja Coffee Bar cf091 Review

We decided to showcase you Ninja Coffee Bar cf091 Review. The fact is it can offer a single-serve feature, as well as for bigger servings make it a great choice.

Since it also comes with a cleaning notification, making sure that it stays clean is also very easy. As a coffee bar, you can also ensure that this machine has the capacity to satisfy the personal tastes of your guests.

  • Pod free single serves coffee option available.
  • It produces exceptional coffee.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • You’ll save on coffee as this model uses fewer grounds.
  • Its stainless steel finish is highly durable.
thumbs down regular


  • A user has to stop brewing with a push of a button – it is not automatic.
  • When a heating plate is not available, the carafe stays warm for only one hour.


Ninja Coffee Bar cf091

Technology plays a huge part in our modern world. From brushing our teeth to brewing our coffee, the machine era is amongst us.

Espresso machines are being introduced into the market, each more technologically advanced than the other one. 

And one such device that caught our eye is the coffee maker. 

There is no better feeling than waking up to a perfectly brewed hot cup of coffee in the morning awaiting you in your kitchen.

If you are a coffee lover, then there is no better programmable coffeemaker on the current market than Ninja cf091. 

When it comes to looking for a coffee machine, you must find one that caters to all your needs.

One thing that many people tend to overlook is past customer reviews. These reviews can help significantly. 

If an individual model has nothing but negative reviews, it is best just to steer clear of that model.

This is not the case with Coffee-bar cf0-91 as it has nothing but praises regarding its performance and durability.

For anyone unfamiliar with this product, The Ninja coffee bar cf091 reviewed coffee maker is a pod free single serve and carafe coffee system. 

This model comprises six different brew sizes, a built-in frother, advanced thermal flavor extraction technology, and auto-iQ one-touch intelligence.

Ninja cf091 has a set of unique features that make your experience that much more enjoyable. 

It is worth every penny because the quality of coffee you shall derive from it is extraordinary! 

It comes in a beautiful black color with stainless steel finishes guaranteed to fit in with your kitchen décor perfectly.

With this model, you need not wait for your machine to warm up. In just a single touch, your device will come to life, ready to provide you with high-quality coffee.

Editor Rating- 3.9/5

User’s Rating- 2,173 reviews

Ninja Coffee Bar cf091 Review Of Design

Ninja Coffee Bar cf091

When you think of Ninja brands, you automatically think of incredible products molded to the highest standards and inclusive of tons of amazing features. 

This is just what you’ll get when you buy the cf091. This model has a sleek and modern black finish that oozes elegance.

Constructed from hardened black plastic parts with faux chrome highlights, this design looks like a premium coffee maker. 

It does, however, have a bulky and large size meaning you’ll need a lot of kitchen counter space cleared out for it.

Also, this model is made of plastic as opposed to glass, which is said to be better for brewing. 

It arrives in a very secure package which ensures that none of the glass pieces break during transit.

The package provides a safe environment for all packed items.

The package includes 22 ounces double-walled tumbler (for hot and cold beverages), the double-walled carafe (for iced coffee). 

The double-walled stainless steel 22-ounce travel mug, and the14-ounce glass specialty brew cup are well protected during transit.


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Ninja Coffee Bar cf091

1. Five Brewing Modes: 

Ninja cf091 comes armed with four main brewing modes that provide a user with different coffee types. 

This is incredibly useful especially when you have loved ones over who enjoy different coffee types.

2. Classic Brew Mode: 

On your coffee maker, you’ll see a “classic brew” button. When activated, this button allows your machine to produce coffee that is smooth and balanced.

If you love your traditional coffee, then this is just the button you need to push. It performs similarly to any drip coffee machine.

3. Rich Brew-Mode: 

Are you a fan of Java coffee? Then here is your chance to enjoy a fresh cup any time of day without having to leave the comforts of your home.

This mode produces richer flavors than the Classic style. You can add ingredients such as milk, sweeteners, etc. and still have a solid cup of coffee full of delicious flavors.

4. Specialty Brew: 

Here, you will be able to whip up your signature drinks and espresso beverages such as cappuccinos or lattes. 

Keep in mind that Ninja cf091 has its milk froth for steaming your milk so do take advantage of this feature when preparing your favorite signature drink.

5. Over Ice-Brew: 

Who doesn’t love some iced coffee especially during those hot summer days? Ninja cf091’s over ice function is incredibly easy to use.

All a user has to do is fill up the carafe with ice-water, add your grounds and press the button. Ninja cf091 will do the rest for you. Enjoy freshly made iced coffee within a matter of minutes.

6. Cafe forte Brew: 

This mode is similar to the Specialty-mode mentioned above. The only exception is that Café Forte delivers 8 ounces of a concentrated mixture.


Ninja Coffee Bar cf091

The coffee maker allows a user to adjust the amount of coffee they want to make. From a simple turn of its dial, this model has the motor power to brew a full pot or just a single cup for the road.

This model comes with four volume sizes namely Easy Frother, 22 Oz travel mug, hot & cold 22 oz insulated tumbler, and a 14 oz insulated mug. 

This sized correlate to a standard full carafe, half carafe, travel mug size, and a single coffee cup size.

Ninja cf-091 brewing amount range from a full carafe for serving drinks to a large group of people to a single pod-free size for a single individual. 

Ninjacf-091 utilizes a handheld agitator which one needs to plunge up and down when they want to create froth in their milk.

Ease of Use

Ninja Coffee Bar cf091

This model has a user-friendly control panel. The control panel is so simple to use that almost everyone can operate it.

Its display is large, and the buttons are straightforward to read and program. 

The large water reservoir comes equipped with a level indicator, which shows you just how much water you need.

However, if you have any issues setting up or operating it, you can always refer to your Ninja cf091 coffee maker manual. 

This machine comes with just about everything you need for professional coffee-drinks from the comforts of your home.

It is inclusive of a permanent, removable filter, a glass iced coffee pitcher, and a stainless steel carafe. 

All these items are easy to install when you want to switch your drink’s flavors.

Note worth: Is Ninja Coffee Bar cf091 in its price range?

If you take into account all the features you receive once you purchase this item, ninja coffee maker is in its correct price range. 

It is incredibly sturdy, performs wonderfully, it’s easy to install and operate, and it is highly durable.

Overall, this model is fantastic, and there’s no comparison to other models within its price range. 

Even though some exterior parts are made of plastic, the system as a whole is well built and incredibly sturdy. 

It also has a beautiful finish that adds style and class when placed on your kitchen countertop. These machines allow a user to add a personal touch to their coffee. 

Before using this type, you should first look at a few training courses online as the process can be a bit tricky for a first time user.

However, once you have mastered the art of brewing your coffee to your preferences, you will never go back. 

These machines offer fantastic coffee and are the most preferred amongst coffee lovers.

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