Nespresso VertuoLine vs. Evoluo
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Nespresso VertuoLine vs. Evoluo Differentiation by Example

Many people go to the coffee shops in search of foamy cappuccino and frothy milk espresso. But what if I tell you that you can enjoy these just at a press of a button. 

VertuoLine and Evoluo are two single-serve Brew by a Nespresso which has plenty of similarities but differences are there. For choosing the best you have to compare Nespresso VertuoLine vs. Evoluo

Nespresso machine comparison will let you know who is the best among the two. Let’s start our journey of VetuoLine vs Evoluo

Nespresso VertuoLine vs. Evoluo- Which One To Choose?

Compare Nespresso machines to find who fits you the best. 

Dimension11.9×8.3×11.9 inches9.0×12.3×12.2 inches
Weight10.85 pounds11 Pounds
Water Tank Capacity40 Ounce54 Ounce
Capsule Capacity13 Mugs17 Mugs
CentrifusionYes Yes 
Removable Water TankYes Yes 

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Looks matter! When it comes to your coffee maker machine kept on your counter you want it to be charming.

Both the Nespresso machines are simple design coffee makers. Nespresso VertuoLine is smaller and is 1 pound lighter when compared to Nespresso Evoluo.

But this does not make much difference because none of them will take up a huge amount of space on your counter and they can easily set anywhere.

VertuoLine Nespresso has around the shape whereas Evoluo Nespresso has more box type shape in front and water tank lines.


Brew Cup sizes

Nespresso vertuoline allows you to have two brew sizes, a large one for coffee and a small one for espresso

Nespresso Evoluo also allows us to adjust our brew sizes between 5 cups.

Reservoir Size

Nespresso vertuoline has a water tank capacity of 40 oz whereas evoluo has a capacity of 54 oz of the Water tank. There is 14 oz of difference, which means two full cups or 10 small cups of regular coffee 


Centrifusion is a patent technology of Nespresso which they use in their coffee machines and it will give you an impressive result.

The word Centrifusion is made up of two words, that is,  “centrifugal’’ and “infusion’’. It describes how the capsule will spin inside the machine at the rate of 700 RPM(revolution per minute) and the grounds.

With Nespresso machines, the beans are pre-measured and the grounds are sealed in a capsule to preserve their taste. The capsule is directly placed in their respective machines into it identified the pods and Brew.

At the heart of the Nespresso Vertuo system


The best design coffee maker is the one that allows you to relax after pressing the button. After that, all you have to do is to work with your capsule or store it in its compartment. 

Both Nespresso vertuoline and the Nespresso evoluo have an automatic shut-off feature after 9 minutes.


Operating with these two Nespresso machines is pretty simple as you don’t have to deal with fancy push up buttons or any high technology control panel.

You can easily do your work just by pressing a single button and the machine goes for preheating phase that takes not more than 20 seconds and then the light button will illuminate.

Open the machine, insert your preferred brew, close the head and lock the machine, then pull the lever to the right and wait for your coffee.


Cleaning up with these Nespresso machines after use is easy. The water tank, drip tray, and capsule collection container can easily disassemble and easily assembled from the front and the sides of the machine.

You can clean up daily but it’s not necessary to clean it up daily as the capsule container has a large capacity and if you are rushing there is no problem you can empty the container on the weekend. 

It also comes with a cleaning feature which is very useful. The water will pump from the water tank and it will run out from the coffee spout. When the mode is activated this procedure repeat 3 times and hardly takes 5 minutes to complete.

You can even stop it in the middle with the help of a power button. Descaling a coffee machine is an important task as it will change the taste of your coffee. The regular maintenance of this machine is also too easy.

Nespresso does not recommend vinegar cleaning as it will damage the machine rather use a special kit known as the Nespresso descaling solution kit.

VertuoLine vs. Evoluo – What’s The Major Difference?

There is two major difference in these machine comparison.

Power Heating System

Both the Nespresso vertuoline and Nespresso evoluo has  1350 watt of the heating element. The customers complained about VertuoLine that it brew’s warm coffee, not hot coffee.

The heating element is updated in the evoluo machine to overcome the complaints. it will give you a hot coffee in just a matter of 45 seconds.


The price may vary from retailer to retailer but approximately your evoluo will cost $30 to $50 more for the heating element and adjustment of cup sizes.

Both the machine comes with the pack of 12 pods so you have to buy again when you run out of it, rather than buying one part which cost $1.3 by a multipack which will cost you $60 which is a lot cheaper. 


Nespresso Vertuoline

Nespresso Vertuoline
thumbs up regular


  • It can make your coffee, as well as espresso
  • It can heat up very fast
  • The coffee and espresso are consistent in quality
  • The capsule container is large
  • The energy-saving feature is available
thumbs down regular


  • It can only use vertuoline capsule and not other Nespresso capsules
  • You cannot make milk-based coffee drinks with it or if you want you need to buy a separate milk frother.

Nespresso Evoluo

Nespresso Evoluo
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thumbs up regular


  • It comes with a one-touch button
  • Delivers you well made and good-tasting coffee
  • The machine is fast and efficient
  • It’s easy to use and clean
  • Capsule capacity is large
thumbs down regular


  • The capsule is expensive
  • A limited number of flavors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to use Nespresso vertuo?

1. Fill the water
2. Insert the capsule in its holder
3. Brew your coffee
4. Set the brew amount
5. Press and hold the button
6. When you have sufficient water release the button
7. Enjoy your cup of coffee
Nespresso Vertuo: How To –  Aeroccino Use

How to clean Nespresso vertuoline with vinegar?

We often heard that you can clean your Nespresso machine with vinegar. So here is how to clean it using vinegar.

1. Pour few teaspoons of vinegar mixed with some water (Two parts of water and part of vinegar are good for using) in your machine
2. Make sure that it fills your container halfway or more
3. Let your machine rest for 45 minutes.
4. Rinse your machine
5. Before using it again rinse your machine several times (at least 5 times) with water.

Nespresso does not recommend vinegar cleaning as it may damage the connection of the machine instead use its specially designed cleaning kit, known as, Nespresso descaling solution kit for cleaning purposes.

How to make Nespresso hotter?

For a hot Nespresso heat the coffee cups as it will help you to keep your Nespresso hot. When you pour your hot coffee into a cold cup it will cool down your coffee faster.

Pour the hot water or use hot milk, it will ultimately give you a better result.

How to Make a HOTTER Nespresso Coffee


In the end, we all have that question of which is better. In the journey of VertuoLine vs Evoluo, the Evoluo will win. 

Evoluo needs extra bucks than vertuoLine but it will pay back by giving you a more powerful heating element and its little bulkier machine.

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