Mixpresso Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker 34 Oz 1L Double Wall Metal Insulation Coffee Press &Tea Brewer Easy Clean, And Easy Press, Strong Quality Coffee Press (Stainless Steel)

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Product Description

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MIXPRESSO is one of the biggest brands in the field of coffee accessories & small kitchen appliances. Our coffee machines ar the best in the market. And we are proud to sell you our coffee french press which is one of our best sellers, you can enjoy all tipes of your favorite coffee and brew it with this amazing metal french press. It’s a unique insulated french press made of top materials. We offer our camping coffee makers at an amazing sale, so that you can enjoy a good & cheap french press and add it to your home kitchen gadgets!!

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How to French Press Silky Roasty Coffee French Press Coffee Demystified:

Do it right, and you get rich, roasty cups of coffee every day without the bitterness. Here are a few tricks to get consistent results.

Always go with Glass French Presses because the plastic ones absorb coffee oils and soap leading to bitter tasting brews.

The Coffee Grounds:

– Buy whole beans

– Grind before Brewing

– Coarse Even Grinds and Never Fine Grinds.

Play around with your results. If your coffee is too sour, grind it finer next time. If it is too bitter, grind it more coarsely next time.

The Perfect Ratio

The best ratio of water to coffee grinds is 7% coffee to water weight. That means 2.4 ounces of coffee to 34 ounces of water. Or 70 grams of coffee grounds for every 1000 grams of water.

2.4 ounces = 4.8 Table Spoons of Coffee Grinds for this French Press Travel Coffee Maker.

Four Minute Brew Time

Use boiling water and pour over the grinds evenly. Brew for four minutes. Four minutes really is the magic number to getting it right.

How To Get It SILKY:

Once four minutes is up, skim off all those fine specs coffee grinds floating on the top. Then Press. You will end up with a cleaner brew. Drink your coffee within 15 minutes. Enjoy Perfect Coffee Anytime

Fresh coffee pouring from pot into cupFresh coffee pouring from pot into cup

Best French Coffee Maker

Be your own barista and create delicious drinks in the comfort of your own home. Use our large french press to make flavorful coffee, loose leaf tea, hot chocolate and more.

THE BEST FRENCH PRESS STAINLESS STEEL > – We at Mixpresso use the best materials to manufacture our products and coffee makers therefore our french press stainless steel is made from top quality #304 stainless steel, both the interior and exterior.
DOUBLE-WALL CONSTRUCTION > – The most important thing for us is that you will be comfortable and safe so our french press maker double wall insulated pot keeps coffe or tea warmer that you will enjoy your morning with good and hot coffee and outside stays cool to the touch. safe way to enjoy a hot coffee cup while you travel.
3 LAYER FILTER OF MICRO MESH FILTER > – 3 layer filter structure traps the smallest coffee grounds giving you an amazingly smooth cup of coffee. Filter screen is easy to disassemble and clean. With our french press coffee it’s the preferred way to brew gourmet coffee!!
FASHIONABLE MIRROR FINISH >- It is important to us in MIXPRESSO the visibility of our product, so our french press coffee maker has a creates an elegant look with an exterior mirror finish and a brushed interior. The French coffee press maker comes with a varied touch handle for comfortable and safe pouring.
CUSTOMER SUPPORT > – We, At MIXPRESSO, Offer Not Only Top Grade French Press Coffee & Tea Press-A Quality Products, But Also Provide Top Of The Line Customer Service Along With Our 1-YEAR No Questions Asked Warranty Policy Which You Won’t Get With Other Brands That Sell Coffee Presses!!

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