MindfulKing | 53mm Espresso Leveler Tool, 3 Flange Distributor, Use for 54mm Breville, Spaziale, Pavoni Portafilters, Coffee Leveler Tool (Red)

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Price: $24.97
(as of Sep 13,2021 14:25:41 UTC – Details)


When making a cup of delicious espresso you will not only need a good machine set, but also an exquisite coffee leveler. Our comfortable espresso leveler is a great tool for tamping your freshly ground espresso! We understand that this tool is needed for making an espresso on your home machine. We manufactured this specific 53mm size to meet those specialty sized portafilters for various machines out there. Here are some of the machines it can be used for. The Barista Express, (BES870XL & BES860XL), Infuser, (BES840XL), and Duo-Temp Pro, (BES810BSS). As well as Estro, Faema Family, La Pavoni Lusso, Pisa, Si, La Spaziale, Mypressi Twist, Sage, Solis and, Starbuck’s (Barista).

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