Mind Reader Ceramic Dripper, Pour-Over Coffee Maker with Spiral Ridge Walls, Loose-Leaf Tea Brewer for Office Breakroom, Kitchen, 1-4 Cups, Black

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Price: $13.99
(as of Aug 03,2022 19:46:34 UTC – Details)


“The Mind Reader Ceramic Coffee Dripper creates a premium cup of delicious coffee without breaking the bank. Ditch the instant and make a quality cup of coffee from ground coffee beans, just like the cafes. Think how much money you’ll save by brewing your own coffee at home! When you brew your own coffee using a pour-over coffee maker, you control the speed, temperature, and flavor of your coffee. This unique 1-4 cup brewer is tried, true. The Mind Reader Ceramic Pour-Over Coffee Maker doesn’t just have to be used in your home. Its small size and portable design can be brought into the office break room or even used as a camping coffee maker. Just add quality coffee grinds, hot water, and you will be drinking that dark brew in no time. The heat-resistant ceramic maintains proper temperature; angled spiral ridge walls ensure optimal extraction; and the large central opening can be narrowed or widened by adjusting the #2 filter to customize the speed of the brewing process. Enjoy your own premium cup of coffee for less, anywhere you go. Bring home your own Mind Reader Ceramic Coffee Dripper to craft quality coffee at home without paying coffee shop prices. Dimensions: 4.49″ L x 5.2″ W x 3.74″ H Materials: Ceramic “
QUALITY COFFEE – Brew high-quality coffee at home in minutes using this elegant ceramic pour-over coffee dripper, designed to fit perfectly over the mouth of your mug
PREMIUM MATERIALS – Made of heat-resistant ceramic, this pour-over coffee maker holds a #2 cone filter, and maintains the temperature of your coffee throughout the brewing process
FLAVORFUL FARE – This pour-over coffee maker features a large central opening so your coffee drips directly into your mug as it brews; adjust the filter to narrow or expand the opening and customize the brewing speed
CAPABLE CAPACITY – Able to craft one to four cups of coffee at a time, with spiral ridged walls to optimize the flavor drawn from the grounds, this dripper is an essential addition to your kitchen
DIMENSIONS – 4.49″ L x 5.2″ W x 3.74″ H
EASY TO USE – Requiring no additional materials beyond ground coffee, hot water, and a filter, this pour-over coffee brewer includes everything you need for your ideal cup of coffee
BOLD BREWING – Create your customized cup of coffee at any time, whether the coffee shops around you are open or closed, using this well-crafted ceramic dripper

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