Miiruop 12 Cup Percolator Italian Coffee Maker 600ML 20oz Stovetop Espresso Maker Stainless Steel Classic Cafe Maker Suitable For Induction Cookers

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Product Description


Great Italian style espresso maker!!!

With the right ingredients you can make as good an espresso as a top barista. The stove top espresso maker extracts the full flavour from the ground coffee beans in a traditional brewing process from the kettle up through the tube.





Unscrew the base of the unit and fill the lower chamber with water. Note: Keep the water level below the steam release valve (there is a golden nut in the middle). This is to ensure that sufficient pressure can be built to push the water up through the funnel.


Fill the filter with fine ground coffee. Note: Do not tamp or compress it, because coffee needs room to expand. Simply level the coffee with your fingers at the end to remove any loose coffee grounds. Return the funnel to the top of the lower chamber filled with water.


Screw the two chambers together until a tight seal is formed. Failure to do this fully will prevent the build-up of pressure required to brew coffee.For best results, please pre-heat the water in the kettle first. This will speed up the process and improve the taste of the coffee.


Your coffee is now ready to serve.Add hot water, ice cubes or steamed milk according to your preference.Just enjoy it!


-Please carefully check coffee pot and make sure all components (safety valve, funneled filter, seal ring and filter ) are in good condition on arrival.

-Before using the coffee pot for first time, please clean it carefully with water, and follow the instructions to make coffee at least 3 times and pour it out ( do not drink it ).


-Please clean the coffee powder and water scale in time after use, to prevent from sticking on bottom after repeated burning and difficult to clean.

-This product can be used directly on the fire. it is normal if there black bottom after using, while the material nature will not change.

{Functional & Easy to Use}: Miiruop’ espresso maker is suitable for a variety of stoves including induction cooker, electric furnace, ceramic furnace, alcohol furnace and gas stove. Elegant appearance, simple operation and work fast. Cool touch heat curved black resistant handle for easy comfortable handling straight from the stovetop, it can also be cleaned with a dishwasher.
{Best Quality} : Made of 430 food grade safe stainless steel. All of our materials are food-safe and BPA free while also repelling chemicals and odors. We want a spot in your kitchen, and made sure to use materials that deserve to be there.
{Suitable Capacity For Family}: Miiruop’ percolator Italian coffee maker can make 12 cup of espresso coffee. Fit for family, friend, colleague get-together.
{How to Use}: 1. Pour over cool water into the bottom kettle 2. Insert the filter cup 3.Fill the ground coffee into the filter cup (not compress the powder) 4.Screw the top & bottom kettles 5. Put it on the gas or induction cooker for 3-4 minutes.
{About The After-sales Part}:If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I will give you a reply within 72 hours. If there is any quality problem with the product, we can re-deliver or refund it to you.

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