MERMOO YILAN Pour Over Coffee Dripper Stainless Steel Metal Reusable Cone Coffee Filter Slow Brewing Accessories for Home Cafe Restaurants (S)

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Product Description

mermoo yilanmermoo yilan

[MERMOO YILAN] was established in 2018 in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China.

Influenced by factors such as water temperature, coffee bean grinding thickness, water flow and other factors, a cup of hand-made coffee can change a thousand different flavors in the hands of a thousand people.

When the barista is making a cup of hand-made coffee, it is like a pianist playing a beautiful piece of music. Pianist needs to relax and put his life experience and feelings into the music. The same is true for brewing coffee.

MERMOO YILAN coffee appliances allow everyone to be a barista anytime, anywhere. NOW, Bring your MERMOO YILAN drip pot to start your wonderful coffee journey

coffee kettlecoffee kettle


For a coffee lover like you, the dream breakfast won’t be complete without a freshly brewed cup. One whiff of the ground beans instantly sends a jolt of delight, and the familiar aroma of a fresh batch is what you need to brave the day’s challenges.

In this fast-paced world where you can get a cup of coffee with the press of a button, convenience is quickly overpowering taste. Unfortunately, even the priciest of coffee makers are no substitute for authentic, hand-poured coffee.

coffee dripper coffee dripper

MERMOO YILAN Pour Over Coffee Dripper Filter

Brand: MERMOO YILAN Model: V90 Material: 304 stainless steel (safe, durable, rustproof) Color: silver Country of origin: China

manual brew maker manual brew maker

 coffee dripper maker coffee dripper maker

hand drip pour over coffee dripper hand drip pour over coffee dripper









304 Stainless steel

304 Stainless steel

304 Stainless steel

304 Stainless steel

304 Stainless steel

Fabric coating

Size: S (for 1-2 cups): 10.2cm x 7.5cm Diameter: 10.2cm / L (for 1-4 cups): 10.2 x 8.5cm Diameter 11.5cm
Made of food grade 304 stainless steel, harmless to human body, safe, hygienic, rustproof, durable
Classic V-shaped design. The inner wall of the filter cup has a textured design that increases the water flow path, making the taste of coffee brew more pure.
Dishwasher compatible. It is usually very useful when making coffee or tea at home or at a coffee shop. We recommend that you send it as a gift to your best friend.
Country of origin: China . If you have any quality problem after receiving the product, please contact us immediately, we will solve the problem immediately

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