MELODRIP Pour Over Coffee Tools – Consistently Cleaner and Sweeter Manual Brewing Instrument

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Product Description

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Who is melodrip?

Hey Coffee Enthusiast!

A little background on who MD is: melodrip co. began with a mission to create precision instruments that offered coffee enthusiasts a new perspective on brewing. In 2018, with the help of kickstarter and the global coffee community, our first product “melodrip” was born. Since then, our product has helped establish the importance of “flavor clarity” in pour over coffee, as well as introducing the world to “controlled agitation brewing”.

For the past 4 years we have contributed to dozens of top ranked coffee competition routines, disrupted the status quo of traditional brewing methodology worldwide, all the while helping baristas and homebrewers brew consistently cleaner, sweeter, cups of pour over coffee every day.

To better coffee!

Ray, Julie, Haomin – melodrip co.

melodrip topmelodrip top

Pour over redefined.

The melodrip is a brewing instrument that re-distributes your kettle pours to prevent suspended particles from escaping your filter paper and muddling your brew.

In the cup, you’ll experience a silky body, heightened sweetness, and a brew with unparalleled flavor clarity.

How to melodrip.

melodrip pourmelodrip pour

melodrip stirmelodrip stir

melodrip pulsemelodrip pulse

melodrip servemelodrip serve


First pour 3 times the weight of your dry coffee. This saturates the grounds and preps the coffee for percolation.


Use the included glass stick to break up any dry pockets in your coffee slurry. This let’s you saturate everything your kettle doesn’t!


melodrip 3 times the weight of your dry coffee. Repeat again when the water level drops right above your coffee slurry. melodrip ensures more water is percolated through your coffee so flavors are evenly extracted from beginning to end.


Enjoy the cleanest brew! Sweetness and Vibrancy are more defined with a Crisp and Silky mouthfeel.

melodrip dishmelodrip dish

melodrip dish | 31 individual Drip Chambers//BPA Free Eastman Tritan TX1001 copolyester//Shatter Proof//High Heat Resistance//

melodrip handlemelodrip handle

melodrip handle | machined 304 stainless steel//knurled for optimal handling//angled to maximize visual clearance

md stickmd stick

melodrip stick | Perfectly sized borosilicate glass stirring stick. We’ve tried almost every size out there, and this one is optimized for eliminating dry clumping and evenly saturating without agitating.

melodrip boxmelodrip box

What’s Included

In the box, you’ll receive 1x Melodrip, 1x Glass Stir Stick.

melodrip dishmelodrip dish

melodrip handlemelodrip handle

md stickmd stick

melodrip boxmelodrip box

melodrip melodrip

✅ELEVATE YOUR POUR OVER GAME Consistent, full coverage saturation of your pour without the unpredictable effects of kettle pour turbulence.
✅EXTREME FLAVOR CLARITY Standard kettle pours churn up micro-particles that clog and drain through the filter paper. Melodrip’s gentle shower eliminates this phenomena for an unbelievably clean and refined brew.
✅CONSISTENT AND PRECISE Melodrip’s shower is designed to “smooth out” any shakes, bumps, or jumps from your kettle so every pour is executed with the precision of a pro barista.
✅CLEAN WATER BREWING Melodrip’s shower delivers a column of clean, low-concentrate water that’s optimal for extracting maximum flavor.

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