MAVO Coffee Dripper Pour Over Coffee Maker – Ceramic, Slow Brewing Coffee Accessories for Cafe, Home, Restaurants – Wing Design for V01 V02 Filter Paper – Perfect for Pour Over

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Price: $19.99
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MAVO COFFEE WARE is a company that designs products for coffee lovers, specializing in providing coffee-related products, including coffee machines, milk frother, coffee grinders and French press, etc.

What will you get:
1. MAVO Pour Over Coffee Maker x 1;
2. MAVO Dripper Cup x 1;
The Dripper Cup is specially designed for Coffee Dripper. It is used to place Coffee Dripper, which perfectly solves the placement problem during the process of using Coffee Dripper or when you don’t use it.

Detailed discription:
1、Material: high-temperature ceramic
2、Applicable filter paper:V01 V02
3、You can make coffee for up to four people

Steps for usage:
1. Put the filter paper into the filter cup and wet the filter paper with boiling water
2. Pour the coffee powder into the filter cup and tap the filter cup to make the coffee powder smooth
3. Inject hot water clockwise from the center of the coffee powder, and steam for 20-30 seconds after soaking
4. Inject hot water again according to the scale of coffee powder and water 1:12
5. After the extraction, you can enjoy your hand-made coffee

Enjoy the pleasure by MAVO Coffee Dripper, enjoy the happiness brought by the combination of beauty and technology.
[ High-grade black ceramic material ] – Micro-frosting process-1250 degrees high temperature firing, a more stable glaze. It is collectible.The cost of 1 ultra-high temperature ceramic filter cup is equal to 8 resin filter cups, which is not only beautiful in texture, but also can retain water temperature during the hand flushing process. It avails the coffee powder to extract a balanced taste at the same water temperature, making your coffee more perfect
[ Unique design ] – Each filter cup is equipped with an appropriative black ceramic frosted drip tray so that you can place the filter cup exactly after the coffee is made. It frees you from many worries that there is no place to put the filter cup
[ The extraction is smoother ] – The striped inside wall design prevents the filter paper from clinging to the filter cup, allowing air to circulate. The single-hole design can increase the flow rate of the water during hand flushing and simply control it to non-clogging so that the coffee is filtered more smoothly, avoiding over-extraction, thus making a perfect coffee taste
[ No Ear and Wing Design ] – The earless design is for a better appearance. The thick ceramic cup wall will isolate most of the heat transferred from the hot water,so can picked up direcely by the wing
[Risk-free Purchase] – MAVO products are sold with a full refund sales service If for any reason you are not satisfied with this purchase, please contact us and we may give you a full refund or exchange without any problem.

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