Maranello Caffé Pour Over Coffee Dripper Stainless Steel Reusable Drip Cone Coffee Filter Portable Pour-Over Coffee Maker Paperless Metal Fine Mesh Strainer Coffee Pourover Brewer Camping Coffee Maker

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Product Description

Maranello Caffe – Pour Over Coffee Dripper

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Not all coffee drippers are created equal. It may cost us a little more to build a better product but we’re sure you’ll appreciate our attention to detail. Our filter features a flow through design so that the brew water flows through the grounds rather than around them. Our smooth polished stainless steel edges and beautiful design will look great in any kitchen and the quality construction will last a lifetime. Most competitors’ products don’t hold up to the quality design and construction of the Maranello Caffé filter.


Pour Over Coffee Brewing delivers as much flavor, if not more, than a French Press and you can’t break it. Our dripper is paperless and won’t absorb flavorful oils like a paper filter. Won’t waste your money on Keurig pods or clog up landfills. Brew a delicious single cup or more yourself at home. You can even brew over a carafe or thermos, saving you time and money. Take the reigns of your coffee enjoyment and craft a cup to your distinct and individual liking.


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Center flow through design allows better flow through the coffee grounds to capture all the flavor your coffee has to offer. Micro mesh inner filter combined with a laser cut outer filter ensures nothing but the perfect coffee flavor makes it through to your cup. Other Coffee Drippers have a solid cap at the bottom forcing water to go around the coffee rather than through it. The Maranello Caffe Pour Over Coffee Filter allows the brew water to flow through the grounds to maximize the flavors of your favorite coffee.


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A 4 inch base allows for a perfect fit on most cups, carafes, and thermoses. Sturdy Construction means that the base won’t wobble like many cheaper alternatives Smooth polished edges makes our dripper look great and sit flush on the cup or carafe Conveniently portable whether on business travel or a camping adventure Strong & Lightweight design means you can take it anywhere A housewares solution that easily stows away freeing up valuable counter space or leave it out as an accent piece


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A great gift for all coffee lovers Beautiful packaging will look great under any tree Easy to read instructions will have anyone up and brewing great coffee in no time.

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Environment Friendly Paperless System Reusable Cuts down on waste Easy to Use Easy to Clean Stainless Steel

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Included with the Maranello Caffe Cofffee Maker is a guide to brewing the best coffee you’ve ever had. Don’t worry about the learning curve, we’re here to help you get started brewing like a barista from day one. It may take some practice to get it just the way you like but we think you’ll enjoy the journey!


GREAT COFFEE MADE EASY – Make delicious hand crafted barista quality coffee with the Maranello Caffé reusable stainless steel pour over coffee cone dripper. Use this coffee funnel to WOW everyone with a flavor rich cup of Joe that didn’t break the bank. Simply Brew, Drink, Rinse & Repeat. Top rack dishwasher safe. For best results use fresh ground coffee with a medium-coarse grind.
PERFECT FIT – The stainless steel coffee filter holder has a 4 inch base which fits most cups, mugs, and carafes. Coffee to go? The reusable pour over dripper fits perfectly on 10-36oz tumblers like Yeti, RTIC and others similar. Don’t overlook this clever coffee dripper it can be used as a single cup coffee maker or for making 2-4 cups of delicious drip coffee.
FLOW-THROUGH DESIGN – The Maranello Caffé slow drip coffee maker is a Dual Filter brewing system made of high grade 18/8 stainless steel. The filter coffee maker features a fine mesh inner layer with a laser-cut outer filter. Additionally the coffee filters metal pour over cone has a base dripper filter that moves water completely through the grounds, meaning your coffee brew maintains all its flavorful oils and nutrients.
SMALL TRAVEL & ECO-FRIENDLY BREWING SYSTEM – Switch to a Go Anywhere one cup reusable paperless coffee pour over dripper; save money and shrink your footprint with a zero waste coffee maker. The Maranello Caffé pour over drip coffee filter is the perfect small coffee maker: use as a RV coffee maker, travel coffee maker, camping coffee maker, or use in the office, on a jobsite, or at home.
HAPPINESS GUARANTEE – The Maranello Caffé paperless coffee pour over filter is backed with a Lifetime Warranty, with a 60 day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. Use your coffee cone dripper with confidence knowing that we at Maranello Caffé are always going to put you, our customer’s happiness first.

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