LilyDrip Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Maker Set Makes Coffee Taste Better, Hand Drip Coffee Maker Brews Evenly with Better Extraction, Coffee Dripper Set Improves Flow Rate, Fits V60, Origami – DONUT

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When Lily was 3, she loved watching her Daddy brewing coffee every day.
One day when her Dad was making coffee, Lily dropped a glass ball into the dripper and said:
“It will make a better coffee.”

After her father brewed with the glass ball inside the dripper, and tasted it’s distinctive, rich flavor, he invented this little bullet. It was named: LilyDrip.
LilyDrip works with cone shaped drippers.
It modifies the depth of grounds -50% and the working filter area +100%.

As a result, less duplicate extraction and less clogging occurs. It allows you to create more recipes while the result stays extremely consistent.
Since 2017, LilyDrip has provided support to hundreds of competitors all around the world,
from national brewing competitions to WBrC.HOW TO USE LILYDRIP1. Prepare materials
Need pour-over filter, the LilyDrip ceramic piece, and CFS (“Compact Filter Shaper”).
2. Shape the filter
First, fold the filter along the crease & then place the filter on top of the CFS. Use your finger to gently press the filter into the shaper to form an inverse cone.
Can also use the LilyDrip to help shape the filter.
3. Place the LilyDrip within the brewer
Gently place LilyDrip at the bottom of any cone-shaped brewer. It will help the filter maintain the inverse cone shape during brewing.
4. Place the filter on top of the LilyDrip
Can also wet the filter at this stage.
5. Add coffee grinds to the filter
On top of the LilyDrip and the filter and your coffee grounds. Pour them easily around the filter and give them a gentle shake to level them out. After the grounds are in place, you are ready to brew your pour-over coffee as usual.
1 x DONUT Ceramic Coffee Dripper
1 x CFS (Compact Filter Shaper)

Make Barista Quality Coffee From Your Home, ADD LILYDRIP TO YOUR CART TODAY!
SAME BEAN, DIFFERENT FLAVORS: LilyDrip is a drip coffee maker pour over accessory that lets you experiment with brew time & grind setting to create multiple types of flavor using the same bean. Helps extract maximum flavor from your beans without interference
DESIGNED FOR SIMPLICITY: Super easy to use. Firstly, shape the filter paper, then place the coffee pourover dripper into your brewer, add grounds, & pour water to make a delicious cup of coffee every time. Simple to clean; just remove any coffee grounds & rinse under hot water
AWARD-WINNING: LilyDrip is an innovative ceramic pour over coffee dripper that has helped many brewers win international & national brewing awards such as the World Brewers Cup & Cafe de Columbia. Make coffee just as good tasteful as professional baristas
COMPATIBLE WITH MOST FILTERS: The perfect accessory for coffee enthusiasts, LilyDrip is compatible with Hario V60 & Origami filters. Our ceramic drip coffee maker will make you fall in love with your morning cup of coffee again. An excellent coffee gift set for coffee lovers
CONSISTENT FLOW RATE & TASTE: The pour over coffee set is designed to improve flow rate & maintain brew temp, keeping it steady from beginning to end. The result is a fresher, more consistent cup that you’ll enjoy right away. An affordable coffee add on for your filter

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