Lilayou French Press Coffee & Tea Maker, 34 Ounce Coffee Press, 304 Stainless Steel Heat Resistant High Boron Glass Easy to Clean 100% BPA Free (Smoky Gray, 34oz)

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Product Description

Lilayou brandLilayou brand

Lilayou french press coffee makerLilayou french press coffee maker

Lilayou French press coffee maker 34oz

Looking to widen your options to further savor the benefits of coffee? Or, are you simply just bored by brewing coffee in a pot and want to try a new brewing method? Why not try busting out the best coffee beans you have to use on a French press coffee maker, and have a little fun with it?

Can you use French press coffee in a coffee maker?

If you like full-bodied and flavorful coffee, a French press should be your go-to brewing method. A French press is a manual coffee maker with a cylindrical carafe, a plunger and a built-in filter that percolates the coffee. It uses just-boiled water to steep coarse grinds for about 4-5 minutes.

What is the advantage of a French press coffee maker?

The biggest advantage the French Press has to offer is that it allows users to make a cup of coffee according to their own individual taste. Users can vary the amount of time that coffee grounds are steeped, the type and size of grounds used, the temperature of the water, and other variables.



french press greenfrench press green


Coffee is Always a Good Idea

Fresh coffee at home,

Fresh coffee at work,

Fresh coffee on the go.

Maybe Lilayou’s French press coffee maker will give you a different experience

Great Experience

Hot and Fresh

It’s like your own personal coffee

All in One

It’s that simple.

Lilayou’s french press coffee maker all in one design saves you from the hassle of carrying brewing kits.

Specification: Design: Transparent borosilicate glass bottle with stainless steel bracket and anti-scalding handle Material : Stainless steel and plastic, high borosilicate glass Color: Dark green, Dark brown, Smoky gray Capacity: 1000mL / 34oz Use: Coffee, scented tea, milk

french press 1french press 1

Our French press coffee maker is designed with a large capacity glass carafe. It can hold up to 34oz (1000ml) of French press coffee, which translates to 8 4oz cups of coffee.

How to use a French press to brew coffee?





Step 1:

Add freshly roasted medium-coarse ground coffee powder.

Step 2:

Add 90-degree hot water, evenly pour it into the French press pot, and stir it with a spoon.

Step 3:

Cover the lid and the pressure rod, and let stand for about 4-5minutes. Slowly press down the pressure lever, please press the thing slowly and evenly.

Step 4:

Pour the filled coffee into a suitable cup and enjoy this delicious cup of coffee together.

Lilayou French press coffee maker 34ozLilayou French press coffee maker 34oz

5 Minutes for French Coffee: If you need a strong, silky coffee to get you started in the morning, if you want your coffee maker to reflect your lifestyle, then the Lilayou French coffee maker may be a perfect choice. It only takes you 5 minutes to brew a delicious cup of coffee.
High-quality material: This 34oz French press pot uses a combination of high-boron heat-resistant glass and 304 stainless steel. The double stainless steel mesh filter helps to minimize the number of coffee grounds remaining in the coffee. Repeated filtration It is not easy to deform; the metal filter is more environmentally friendly without filter paper, and it is detachable and easy to clean.
Multi-purpose use: It can not only be used to make coffee but also can be used to make tea. The operation is simple. A cup of fragrant coffee or scented tea can be easily made by pressing a few lights.
Ergonomic design: The plastic handle, comfortable grip. The details of the spout of the olecranon make it easier to pour coffee. The transparent glass itself also allows us to see the whole process of making coffee.
3 Filters: If you’re a coffee lover and crave an espresso; our coffee press has a three-layer filtration system that ensures smooth brewing every time; this french press does not absorb the flavor or oil of the coffee and keeps the flavor intact so you always get the real flavor.

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