Lifeboost coffee reviews

Lifeboost Coffee Reviews- The Best Organic Coffee Of 2021

Lifeboost Coffee Reviews, When you’re a coffee-lover, you may wish to try out new coffee beans and see how it goes. Maybe they can be better than your regular coffee, or perhaps not. Lifeboost Coffee is quite popular among coffees.

Have you ever wished to try out Lifeboost coffee but wanted to make sure if it’s worth it? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. 

This article will inform you about the Lifeboost Coffee reviews so that you can decide and buy accordingly. 

Lifeboost coffee is the healthiest organic, high-quality, and low acid coffee in Canada and the US. 

An Overview Of Lifeboost Coffee 

Lifeboost Coffee is founded by Dr. Charles Livingstone, who wished to find a coffee that is delicious but does not have any harmful effects on the body or the environment. 

After reaching Nicaragua’s mountain ranges, Dr. Livingstone finally found the ideal coffee he was looking for. And after that, Lifeboost Coffee came into existence. 

Lifeboost sells all kinds of organic, flavored, and classic coffee beans in the market. 

Lifeboost coffee reviews

If you are a true coffee lover looking for coffee that brings you internal satisfaction, then Lifeboost Coffee is one that you may want to consider. 

Although Lifeboost Coffee may seem a little bit pricey, you can’t ignore all of its amazing benefits, can you? 

This coffee is single-origin, shade-grown, and organic with good taste, flavor, and health benefits. 

If you have a sensitive digestive system, this coffee is the most appropriate for you since it has low acidity.

Pros And Cons Of Lifeboost Coffee 

If you are still curious about Lifeboost coffee, we have gathered some Lifeboost Coffee reviews in this post, but before that, we’d like to inform you about the pros and cons of this coffee. 

thumbs up regular


  • Aromatic and delicious coffee
  • Fantastic for cold-brew type coffee 
  • Available in almost every flavor, nice and sweet
  • Decaf is also available 
  • Originated from the Nicaraguan mountains
  • Organic, shade-grown, and pesticide-free
  • Free from mycotoxin
  • Low in acid 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
thumbs down regular


  • The coffee is fairly pricey
  • The packaging is simple (but a newer packaging will soon release) 
  • Does not taste great and work well with sugar and cream
  • No variety of origins 

Main Lines Of Lifeboost Coffee 

If you are curious about what type of coffee Lifeboost Coffee sells, we have already mentioned that the brand sells coffee of all varieties. 

But here are some of the main and most popular lines of Lifeboost Coffee: 

● Light Roast 

● Medium Roast 

● Dark Roast 

● Espresso Roast 

● Decaf 

● Flavored Coffee 

● Limited Edition Coffee 

● Special Flavors (Hazelnut, Caramel Macchiato, Cinamon, and French Vanilla) 

Lifeboost coffee produces coffee of the same quality, production, and health standards. The only thing that’s different among different flavors of this coffee is taste and flavor. 

Lifeboost Coffee Reviews 

As mentioned earlier, Lifeboost gets all of its coffee beans from only one place: the Nicaragua mountains. 

Also, they use pure Arabica beans that are organic, pesticides free, and do not contain mycotoxins or other harmful chemicals.

All the coffee beans come from a single coffee, so this can be a good thing as well as a bad thing, depending on your preferences. 

Since the coffee is low acidic, it’s light on your stomach and won’t harm it in any way. 

Here are our Lifeboost Coffee reviews for the different variety of Lifeboost coffee available. 

The Limited Collection Coffee 

Lifeboost Limited Collection Coffee

After every few months, Lifeboost introduces “Limited Collection” coffee beans that are different from the rest and are available for a limited period. 

The Limited Collection coffee beans are usually micro-lots beans that are of premium quality and taste. This makes the Limited Collection coffee better than all the rest of Lifeboost coffees in terms of quality and taste. 

Right now, the Limited Collection coffee features Pacamara, which is a giant coffee bean variety. It is an Arabica varietal coffee and is very special. 

It is the largest coffee bean and is quite rare. The taste of Pacamara is not only sweet but also strong, with a rich aroma and intense flavor. 

The coffee has some dark chocolate undertones that you will find transforming into sweet and aromatic red fruit and tangerine. 

The taste of this coffee is exquisite and is extremely rare, so grab yours now before they run out of stock!

3 Regular Coffees (Light Roast, Medium Roast, Dark Roast)

lifeboost Regular Coffee

Light Roast: 

The light roast coffee beans have a typical nutty taste and have a medium-light body.

Lifeboost enhances the flavor of this coffee by the pleasant taste of sweet caramel, along with vanilla and hazelnut aromas to take your coffee experience to another level. 

Overall, the taste of the Lifeboost light roast coffee was pleasant, smooth, and aromatic, but due to its low acidity, you won’t find the acidity as in normal light coffee in this coffee.

Medium Roast: 

The Lifeboost medium roast has a more balanced flavor with enhanced smoothness. 

It does not have many chocolatey and nutty notes as in the light roast. 

But don’t worry if the medium roast is not chocolatey enough since the subtle strawberry sweetness of the medium roast will give you an exotic and dynamic feeling. 

Dark / Espresso Roast: 

Most coffee lovers look for intense notes of cacao, wood, and earth in their coffee. But where do you get that? 

Well, the Lifeboost dark roast coffee has it all, storing notes of earth, wood, and fresh-roasted cacao. It is the boldest coffee that Liefboost is providing us and does not disappoint.

Overall, all these three coffees have an original taste with roasted whole beans and taste incredibly impressive. 

All three of these were balanced and tasty while having a lower acidity level. So if you like drinking cold brew or hot brew, Lifeboost coffee is ideal for all. 

6 Flavoured Coffees 

Lifeboost Flavored Coffee

If you love flavored coffee, don’t worry since we will also discuss Lifeboost’s flavored coffee in our Lifeboost Coffee reviews. 

Lifeboost has many different flavor beans that can lift your mood and make you go “Woah.” The following are six of the most popular Lifeboost flavored coffees so far: 

French Vanilla 

Caramel Macchiato 


Pumpkin Spice 

White Russian Coffee 

Highlander Grogg

As in the case for most flavored coffees, Lifeboost flavored coffee beans were also dark roasted. 

This helps to create a bold layer of earthy and chocolatey notes, thus enhancing the flavor. This enabled these special flavors to set apart from the rest. 

The first three coffee beans that come in the flavored coffee family are French Vanilla, Caramel Macchiato, and Hazelnut. 

All these flavors are typical and normal, not much special and easily accessible. 

But since they are from Lifeboost, and we also included them in our Lifeboost Coffee reviews, there must be something special about these coffee beans.

French Vanilla: 

Let’s talk about the French Vanilla flavor first. These coffee beans have a sweet and creamy vanilla taste topped over the earthy coffee beans. 

If you are a vanilla lover, you’ll love the Lifeboost French Vanilla coffee beans

The French Vanilla flavor is further divided into two more coffee beans: Medium Roast and Medium Decaf. So you can choose the flavor that suits you the most. 

Caramel Macchiato: 

The second flavor that comes in Lifeboost’s flavored coffee is the Caramel Macchiato. As the name suggests, these coffee beans have a sweet caramel flavor. 

Just one sip of this coffee will make you start thinking that life can’t possibly get any sweeter. 

With the creamy sweetness of real caramel and a splash of vanilla, you’ll surely love the Caramel Macchiato coffee beans. 


If you are in the search for a perfect afternoon treat, then there’s nothing better than Lifeboost’s Hazelnut coffee. 

With a nutty, satisfying, and well-rounded flavor, Lifeboost’s Hazelnut coffee beans will surely win your heart. 

The resulting coffee is creamy and subtly sweet, making you crave for more. 

Now moving on to the unique and more interesting flavors. Are these better than all the previously mentioned flavors or not? Keep on reading to find out! 

Pumpkin Spice: 

Halloween is near, and so is the season of pumpkins! So why not try out this Pumpkin Spice coffee from Lifeboost? 

This coffee is enriched with the smell and taste of a pumpkin pie.

With significant notes of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, and creamy sweetness, you just won’t be able to get over the taste of this coffee. 

During the crisp, cool fall weather, Lifeboost’s Pumpkin Spice coffee is all that you need. 

White Russian Coffee: 

If you are both a coffee and cocktail lover, then Lifeboost’s White Russian Coffee is something that you’ll simply love. 

Inspired by the classic White Russian cocktail, this coffee is enhanced with the deep, liquored sweetness of vanilla. 

The White Russian coffee includes some significant notes of all-natural creme, Kahlua, and vanilla extracts while being free from calories. 

Highlander Grogg: 

Lifeboost’s Highlander Grogg also carries a cocktail-like taste. This flavor combines the rich flavor of butter along with the sweet taste of caramel. 

The flavor of these coffee beans is enriched with a hint of nut, rum, dark brown sugar, and vanilla.

Highlander Grogg is a perfect flavor for those who love Highlander meals and enjoys coffee enriched with the taste of rum. 

Whether you’re a huge fan of flavored coffee or not, the variety of flavored coffee that we mentioned in our Lifeboost coffee reviews will make you love flavored coffee, and you will crave for more. 

These beans offer you an amazing flavor adventure that you will simply enjoy.

And since they are paired with a high-quality base coffee of Lifeboost, they don’t taste like the cheap flavored coffee and give you a premium coffee vibe.


Final Verdict: Is LifeBoost Coffee The Ideal Coffee For You? 

Before ending our Lifeboost Coffee reviews, there’s one last thing that we still have to cover: Is Lifeboost Coffee the ideal coffee for you? 

Well, the answer is simple: Yes. Lifeboost coffee is the ideal coffee for me, you, and all coffee lovers. 

This is because Lifeboost is a premium coffee brand that strives to provide its buyers healthy, low-acidic coffee that retains the delicious flavor without having any negative effect on their health or the environment. 

All the beans have a single origin, which is a plus point if you’re fond of such a thing. 

Whether you’re a health-conscious person, an acid-sensitive coffee drinker, or a person who loves to explore different varieties of flavored coffee beans, Lifeboost is the single solution for you. 

Lifeboost coffee beans are guilt-free, environmentally conscious, and richly flavorful beans that most people will love to brew. 

With each bean, the bold flavor of this coffee changes despite being from the same origin, impressing many. 

All three roasts of Lifeboost, including light, medium, and dark roast, taste exceptionally unique, different, and delicious. 

The limited collection coffee of Lifeboost is something you do not want to miss, introducing special flavors every few months that you will fall in love with. 

It’s not a surprising fact that Lifeboost is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. Although its coffee is pricey, you can pay a little higher for premium quality coffee that’s healthy, can you? 

Also, Lifeboost has many certifications to prove it’s quality and health standards, including single-origin, bird-safe, organic, Fair Trade and shade-grown. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q: Where is Lifeboost coffee originated from?

A: As mentioned at the start of this article, all Lifeboost coffee beans have a single origin, which is the Nicaragua mountains or highlands. 

Lifeboost coffee beans are not blended with beans of other countries, delivering you high-quality and healthy single-origin coffee beans. 

Q: What are the health benefits of Lifeboost coffee? 

A: Lifeboost coffee is the healthiest coffee in town and serves many health benefits. 

With an extremely low acidity level, so if you’re an acid-sensitive coffee drinker, you can enjoy the delicious taste of Lifeboost coffee without worrying about any acidity problems. 

Lifeboost coffee is also mycotoxin-free, another great thing for mycotoxin sensitive drinkers. 

Q: Is Lifeboost coffee legit? 

A: By going through our Lifeboost Coffee reviews, you can realize that Lifeboost is one of the most legitimate coffee brands.

Boating all kinds of certifications such as single-origin, bird-safe, organic, Fair Trade, and shade-grown.

If you are still curious about Lifeboost coffee, we have gathered some Lifeboost
Coffee reviews in this post, but before that, we’d like to inform you about the pros and cons of this coffee.

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