Large capacityStainless Steel Coffee Pot Mocha Espresso Latte Percolator Stove Coffee Maker Pot Percolator Drink Tool Cafetiere Latte Stovetop300ml450ml600ml (Stainless Steel, 450ml)

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Baby composition] up and down the pot, filter funnel and mesh, silicone ring. 【Features】Fine workmanship, durable, brewed coffee thick bleaching. 【Principle】High temperature steam to extract coffee. How to use: 1, add water: the water level is 0.5 cm under the safety valve, and the safety valve will automatically release pressure when the pressure of the lower pot is too high to prevent safety incidents. If the water level is higher than the safety valve, the role of the safety valve cannot be played normally. Yes Use warm water to reduce heating time. 2, add coffee powder: the use of medium fine grain coffee powder, when installing the appropriate vibration powder tank to make the coffee powder evenly distributed. feign When full, gently press the surface with your fingers to make the coffee powder more dense 3. Install the upper and lower parts of the Mocha pot together. 4. Heating: It generally needs to be heated for about 5 minutes, but be careful not to overheat, so that the coffee powder will produce a burnt taste. 5, enjoy: the types of coffee that need to use the mocha pot are: mocha coffee, black coffee, Italian, Naga snow fly coffee Say goodbye to cafes and enjoy coffee time at home
High temperature steam to extract coffee

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