Laiyeoy Pour Over Coffee Dripper, Slow Drip Paperless Coffee Filter, Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Maker for Single Cup Brew, Double Mesh Design of Manual Reusable Cone Filter.

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Product Description

pour over coffeepour over coffee

Laiyeoy Pour Over Coffee

First, the taste of Laiyeoy Pour-Over Coffee Dripper is more pure. Laiyeoy is designed for the coffee connoisseur that appreciates richer, bolder, and more sophisticated handmade coffee.Second, our pour-over coffee filter it’s not just coffee, but life. Pour over coffee maker is a kind of relaxation for many urbanites who live in a hurry. When you raise your hand to flush the pot and watch the slender water slowly draw circles in the filter cup, this is the most relaxing time for us as a whole. In many cases, pour over coffee can better express our attitude towards life. Some people say that I can hear the voice of the world when my hands are pouring.

coffee drippercoffee dripper

coffee filtercoffee filter

Double mesh design

Laiyeoy top stainless steel double mesh design, means higher cost, better filtration of coffee grounds, more perfect extraction, and take your coffee to the next level. Micro mesh inner filter combined with a laser cut outer filter ensures nothing but the perfect coffee flavor makes it through to your cup.Laiyeoy pour-over coffee dripper is a slow drip, is a richer taste and aroma.

Paperless  Coffee FilterPaperless  Coffee Filter

 Reusable Coffee Filter Reusable Coffee Filter

Pour Over Coffee MakerPour Over Coffee Maker

Stainless Steel Pour Over CoffeeStainless Steel Pour Over Coffee

Easy to Clean

Double layer, non blockageEasy to clean by stainless steel material.Clean thoroughly every 3-4 weeks by vinegar and warm water.

High Quality

Made of high grade 18/8 stainless steel coffee dripper ensures the great original taste coffee.Super Fine Double Mesh (paperless).

Practice Responsible Brewing

Reusable,paperlessCuts down on wasteEasy to UseEasy to Clean Stainless Steel

【TRUE COFFEE TASTE】Slow drip of Laiyeoy pour-over coffee dripper retains the oil and fat of the coffee, making the coffee flavor better. It is ideal for coffee maker who prefers richer, bolder, and enjoy a more relaxed and pleasant life.
【TOP DOUBLE MESH DESIGN】The Laiyeoy coffee filter is made of top quality stainless steel without using paper filters. The bottom is integrated with the filter element, solid and not break. The dual coffee filter brewing design prevents any coffee grounds from passing, no grounds end up in your cup.
【PERFECT FIT】The stainless steel coffee filter holder has a wide secure base which fits most cups,mugs and thermoses. The reusable coffee strainer fits perfectly on these containers.
【EASY TO CLEAN】Our single cup coffee maker rinses quickly . Clean thoroughly every 3-4 weeks to descale the pour over filter by vinegar and warm water, or leave the cone coffee filter in the oven for 4 ~ 5 minutes.
【HAPPINESS GUARANTEE】 Laiyeoy is committed to providing a superior pour-over coffee drinking experience. E-mail to us for any problem. Use your coffee cone dripper with confidence knowing that we are always going to put your happiness first.

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