Kungroo Airtight Glass Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker Pitcher Pot, 1 Quart

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Why Choose Kungroo Cold Brew Coffee Maker:

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Extra Thick High Borosilicate Premium Quality Glass. Right Size Fits Easily in Refrigerator & Kitchen Shelves. High Precision Cut 304 Stainless Steel Infuser To Avoid Grounds In Your Coffee. Airtight Silicone Sealer Keeps Refrigerator Smells Away. Coffee Stays Fresh Up to 3 Weeks. Absolutely No Plastics Inside Or Outside. Dishwasher Safe, Strong & Durable, Easy To Clean. To Make A Better Tasting Cold Brew Coffee, Try Kungroo.​ Kungroo Makes One Of The Best Gifts For Her Birthday, Engagement, Wedding Shower, bridesmaid, Women, Mom, Dad, Bride, Bridal Shower.

2 in 1 Iced Tea & Iced Coffee Maker:

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Do You Prefer Iced Tea Instead? No Problem! Kungroo Also Brews Iced Tea.  

Try Our Personal favorite: Thai iced tea 

What’s so distinctive about thai iced tea is that it has a stronger, more concentrated flavor. It’s a lot tastier than regular iced tea because it is infused with star anise and cloves! These two very special ingredients add a bit of warm and spice to the tea and that’s what makes it so unique. It can also be sweetened with a bit of sugar, although it is usually finished with a spoonful of sweetened condensed milk. 

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Making Cold Brew Coffee:

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Finely ground coffee beans will over extract and result in a bitter coffee.

This method is useful for some brewing methods such as the “pour over” but when it comes to cold brew you steep the ground coffee beans for upwards of 12 hours that means you’ll need your coffee beans to be coarsely ground so it doesn’t result in a bitter coffee. 


If you’re familiar with the basic formula for cold brew then you know it takes a pound of ground coffee beans for each gallon of water. Those are very large quantities. So unless your diet is solely based on coffee or you’re running a small café from the comfort of your home, you won’t need to brew that much coffee. 

This situation calls for some scaling down! A smaller brewing ratio would be: a quarter-pound of beans to four coups of water. Now that’s better, don’t you think?

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When it comes to cold brew, the standard steeping time is 24 hours.This will result in an intensely flavored & highly caffeinated concentrated cup of coffee. You can dilute it with water, cream or milk to cut the intensity.

When you make according to the 1 pound : 1 gallon ratio it will contain about twice the amount of the caffeine that you find in a hot drip type of coffee. That’s why it would be wise to cut that intensity (50/50) with water. This will eep your caffeine consumption at bay, it will also make your coffee less bitter. 


NO PLASTICS, STRONG, THICK & PURE HIGH BOROSILICATE GLASS: Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free, Leakproof. With Removable Stainless Steel Infuser Filter, Lid & Airtight Silicon Sealer.
32 Oz CARAFE COLD BREWER SYSTEM: Makes Best Tasting Fresh Cold Brew Ice Coffee At Home.
SMOOTH & LOW ACID COFFEE: Use Coffee Grinds Or Ground In Our Brewer To Prepare Delicious, Smooth & Low Acid Cool Ice Coffee.
ICED TEA & COFFEE: Our Cold Brewer Makes both iced coffee & tea, Hot or Cold.
FITS IN SHELVES: Easily Fits In Refrigerator & Kitchen Shelves. Kungroo Makes One Of The Best Gifts For Her Birthday, Engagement, Valentines Day, Wedding Shower, bridesmaid, Women, Mom, Dad, Sister, Nurse, Him, Brother, Elders, Bride, Bridal Shower.

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