KOHIPRESS French Press Coffee Maker, 12 oz., Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Mug for Kitchen, Office, or Camping Use, Full Immersion Steep with Grounds Filter for Hot and Cold Brew

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Product Description


Introducing KOHIPRESS

The KOHIPRESS was borne due to a demand in the coffee market for a portable full steep immersion pressurized press. Total immersion of the coffee grounds into water results in a rapid yet robust extraction of flavour. Until KOHIPRESS came onto the market there was no durable French Press coffee maker as all others were made from plastic.

KOHIPRESS has a Premium Stainless Steel chamber which is capable of keeping water hot or cold due to the double wall vacuum construction. The Stainless Steel body provides the durability which makes it ideal for travel.

The air pressure plunge method reduces filtering time and avoids the bitterness of a longer brewing process such as drip brewing. Because of the short brewing time, the acid level is much lower than conventional brewers.

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– 3 min brew time

– Patented Isolation system

– Completely Leak-proof

– Insulated double wall vacuum construction

– Lightweight (12 oz)

– Reusable Filter made from Micron Stainless Steel Mesh


– Colour: Black

– Material: FDA approved materials. BPA-Free plastic and Premium Stainless Steel

– Capacity of chamber: 12 oz

– Size: 2.7 x 2.7 x 10.6 inches

– Recommended coffee dosage: 4 tablespoons

– Recommended coffee grind size: Coarse

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Remove the plunger and fill the chamber with desired coffee.

Pour water into the chamber. Max volume should be 1 inch below the water line.

After approx 3 mins of brewing. Open the plunger lid and insert into the chamber then slowly press down.

Screw the plunger tightly into the chamber and enjoy your perfect brew!

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Have a look at our customers’ reviews and videos below and see what they think about the KOHIPRESS!

Premium French Press Coffee Brewer – KOHIPRESS coffee makers are designed to make it easier and simpler to enjoy fresh-brewed coffee anywhere. With smart filtration and a simple pressurized immersion system you can make hot or cold brew instantly.
Double-Wall Insulated Steel – This hot and cold brew coffee maker utilizes vacuum insulation to help retain hot and cold drink temperatures longer while also protecting the outside from heat or condensation. Ideal for everyday travel use.
Seamless Micro-Filtration Process – Our French press stainless steel travel mug also utilizes a steel mesh filter that helps keep fresh coffee grounds separated from your coffee, so you can get the purest, highest-quality taste every time.
Convenient Flip-Top Drink Spout – This smart, all-in-one metal French press lets you brew coffee and drink it from the same tumbler thanks to a leak-proof drink spout that helps seal in freshness between sips. Perfect for on-the-go enjoyment.
Quick, Easy-to-Clean Design – Lightweight, portable, and designed for home, office, travel, and outdoor camping this stainless-steel French press can be taken apart in seconds so you can wash it and reuse it with less effort.

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