KATOO 0.3mm WDT Tool – Espresso Distribution Tool, Coffee Stirrer Tools, Needle Whisk Distributor

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Price: $23.77 - $21.77
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When baristas make the best espresso, temper accessories are essential.
You’re already the best barista who chose ‘KATOO’!!!

  1. Why should you use the ‘WDT Tool’? To make your family and friends drink more quality coffee.
  2. Why should the needle be ‘0.3mm’ thick? If the thickness of the needle is bigger than 0.3mm, there is no reason in using the WDT Tool.
  3. Why should the tip of the needle be ‘flatten’? If the tip of the needle is pointed, your precious potafilter will be damaged.
  4. Why should the material of the needle be made of ‘stainless steel’? Stainless steel is rust resistant and strong compared to other materials.
  5. Why should the floor of the stand be ‘blocked’? If the bottom of the stand is open, it will make your mat dirty.
  6. Why are handles and stands made of ‘walnut trees’? Ordinary trees are heavy, but walnut trees are light and have excellent hygiene. It protects your wrist.

★You get what you pay for★
【Stainless Steel ‘0.3mm’ Needle Eliminates Channeling Clearly】 – As you know, When you make coffee with 0.3mm needle, it doesn’t make channeling and this usage doesn’t make the needle sticky after you stirred coffee powder, so KATOO equipped with four 0.3mm needles made of the stainless steel with no rust
【Needle with ‘Flat Tip’ that Protects the Portafilter】 – As you know, when you make coffee, the tip of the needle must be flat and not sharp, it doesn’t scratch the portafilter. The thinner the needle is, the more difficult it is to flatten the tip of the needle. so KATOO made the flatten tip of it. And the tip of the needle is not sharp, it can also very helpful for safety
【’Bottom Blocked Stand’ makes Cleaning Easy】 – Some products that are similar to ours have a hole on the bottom of stand. However, as you know, if you use that products, the coffee powder will fall off when you put the stirrer on the stand. Therefore, KATOO has made the stand that is blocked by the bottom
【’Walnut Tree’ Protects from Infection】 – The biggest advantage of walnut tree is that free from Infection due to sterilize action. Due to nature of the tree, it is light and hard. So it is a premium tree with excellent durability. Therefore, handle and stand of KATOO include with the material of walnut tree
【The Customer is The ‘King’】 – KATOO is constantly trying to help for you. If you are not satisfied with our products for any reason, KATOO will return all the products for free and give you a full refund. So make you feel free to use our products

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