Joyoung DJ10U-K1 Multi-Functional Soy milk Maker, 4-in-1, Coffee Maker, Juice Maker, Electronic Water Kettle, No filter, Intelligent Preset, Capacity Range 300-1000ML

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Price: $425.00
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Product Functions
The new Joyoung DJ10U-K1 Soy milk designed for a better life. The Joyoung multi-function soy milk machine DJ10U-K1 is 4-in-1 function. It automatically cleaned after you have finished soy milk. Soy milk is free of filtration and can be drunk directly. What’s more, DJ10U-K1 can also be used as a coffee machine, juice machine, and water kettle. Much more advanced and high technology than any previous soy milk machine.

Product specifications
Product Name: Joyoung K1 Soy milk Maker
Model Number: DJ10U-K1
Color: Mocha Brown
Rated Power/ Motor Power: 1000W/210W
Rated Voltage/ Rated Frequency: 120V/60Hz
Speed of the Blender: 20000 rpm
Capacity Range: 300ml, 500ml, 800ml, 1000ml
Product Measurements: 412mm*165mm*360mm
Net Weight: 6.3KG

What is included?
2.Excess water basin
3.Glass pot and lid
4.Water reservoir
5.Grinding compartment cover
6.Steam cover
7.Coffee filter
8.Measuring cup
9.English and Chinese Instruction manual
1.When using the classic menu, please add ingredients according to the recipes in the instruction manual in order to avoid incidents of overflowing, clogging, and damage.
2.When using the juice function, avoid using excessive fiber-rich ingredients to avoid obstruction of the dispense valve.
3.The coffee filter is intended for exclusive use with the coffee function. Please do not use the filter for other functions to avoid overflow.
4.To achieve a better tasting coffee, pleasure ensure that the grinding compartment is completely dry with no water stains (open the cover to let the grinding compartment and cover dry).

【Four-in-one Multifunction】Dual language control panel, Bringing different experiences to users, Soy milk Maker, Coffee Maker, Juice Maker, Water Kettle. One machine can meet multiple needs of the customer
【Fully automatic cleaning】The first soy milk machine with automatic cleaning function , say goodbye to the troubles of the normal cleaning soy milk inner blender. It is time to enjoy the meal and family time
【Note:The soy milk is not filtered】The speed reaches 20,000 rpm, the soy milk is without residues. No filtration, which make the taste more delicate. Make a chance to enjoy the better soymilk
【Multiple Capacity】300/500/800/1000ml. Multiple capacity can reach the different need of the family. Whatever for the single serve, couple serve or family serve
【Preset Function】3-12 hour preset function. It can help you for pre-set at night for breakfast the next day; Pre-set at night for warm water the next morning; Pre-set in the morning for lunch at noon; Pre-set before leaving home for dessert after work

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