ireum Pour Over Coffee Maker, Reusable coffee filter by coffee strainer without paper coffee cone, single cup coffee maker, Rose gold

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ireum pour over coffee maker

The best way to enjoy full flavored pour over coffee

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Why did we design the pour over coffee maker for drip coffee?

We are Korean who love coffee. Especially, we believe that the aroma of drip coffee must help calm our minds and release stress. Early in the morning, if we drink drip coffee, we can feel a cozy and comfortable moment. It gives us the power to start new days. Reusable coffee filters are the best way to enjoy full flavor and aroma of the coffee.

How did we get our start?

We have agonized over how people can enjoy pour over coffee more comfortably.

So our design engineer in aerospace industry designed a pour over coffee maker set without a paper filter, reducing segment and making it easy to clean.

What makes our products unique?

Our drip coffee maker has a luxury color. Also, our single cup coffee maker can be split into two parts. It can help to make a coffee during travel and camping.

Why do we love what we do?

Our portable coffee maker can help enjoy coffee. pour over coffee dripper must be help enjoy coffee everywhere and every time.

[Enjoy Full Flavored Coffee] ireum Drip Coffee Maker makes you can make coffee like a barista with recommended a recipe and coated titanium. It blocks the tasty and smell of metal coffee filter to prevent disturbing the aroma and tasty of your pourover coffee.
[Pleasure in Pure the Last Drop] ireum Pour Over Filters filters out the sediments for your clear coffee cup by finer twill weaved mesh and dual layer to enjoy the last drop of your hand drip coffee as portable coffee maker.
[Enough Extraction Time] ireum Pour Over Coffee Dripper by twill weave mesh and double layers of coffee filters help retain the coffee’s pour over time. Slow drip makes your pour over coffee more rich in aroma and flavor.
[Make up mode with elegantly color] Coffee Filter Reusable is made with unique rose gold color. Its elegant rose gold color will add a level of refinement to your coffee drinking experience and is the perfect gift for coffee pour over lovers.
[Protect glass equipment] Adapted silicone rim on the base which makes for dripper to avoid the slip on the coffee carafe and clear glass coffee mug. A separatable silicone pad makes it easy to clean the reusable coffee filters.

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