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Instant Coffee Vs Coffee Grounds – Who Will Win the Battle?

Coffee is a beverage, very few are not in love with. Be it a stressful weekday evening or a lazy morning.

Be it a hangout with your friends or a romantic date with your special person with a beautiful drizzle outside, one cup of coffee can create magic, one cup of coffee can write a story. 

But, how much do we know about this loving friend who takes care of us so well? Well, let’s explore the world of coffee and find out about instant coffee vs coffee grounds.

Instant Coffee Vs Coffee Grounds

If you are a coffee lover, you have to know the difference between coffee grounds and instant coffee. Usually instant coffee tastes more bitter than ground coffee. 

Also, its variety of flavors is not as wide as ground coffee’s – therefore flavored instant coffees are not something that can be boasted about. The actual difference between them lies in their processing. 

Ground coffee is made simply by grinding whole coffee beans. However, the grinding can result in very different textures of the coffee- from quite coarse to very fine- thus affecting the taste of it. 

While the fine ones are ideal for varieties like Espresso, the coarse grind is perfect for a Cold Brew. The processing of instant coffee is a little complex. 

At first roasted coffee beans are ground into an almost powdery substance, and then water is added to it to make it brewed. 

After this filtered brewed coffee is dehydrated, through spray drying or freeze-drying, so that solid-state can be restored before packaging. The texture of instant coffee depends to a large extent on the method of drying.

Popular Brands Of Instant Coffee Vs Ground Coffee: 

Many brands are offering both ground coffee and instant coffee. Comparing them can give a good understanding of the battle of instant coffee vs ground coffee

AmazonFresh Colombia Ground Coffee

Colombia Medium Roast Ground Coffee of AmazonFresh is one of the most popular ones among ground coffee lovers. Medium brown and slightly sweeter than lighter roasts; it guarantees a completely refreshing 100 percent Arabica coffee. 

The manufacturers advise using about ten grams of ground coffee for every six ounces of water for the best taste.

Folgers Classic Roast Coffee, Medium Roast Ground Coffee
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Folgers Classic Roast Coffee offers the historic authenticity of the rich taste of ground coffee. Folgers, earlier called “Folger’s”, is one of the first brands to sell canned coffee beans that did not need to be roasted and ground at home. 

Surviving many ups and down like bankruptcy and a devastating earthquake, this brand still provides customers its very characteristic-rich, smooth, classic taste.

Starbucks Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Starbucks enables customers to enjoy the authentic, professional-like taste of ground coffee at home with its Medium Roast Breakfast Blend Coffee. 

Two tablespoons of coffee are recommended for every 6 fl. oz. of water for best results. It ensures 100 percent Arabica coffee with the tasting notes of sweet orange and brown sugar.

Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee Crystals

The traditional, historic brand Folgers has not lagged in the days of ready-mades and instants. Folgers Classic Roast Tostado Clasico is loved by coffee lovers of every age. 

It offers pure coffee crystals which, when hot water or milk is added to it, become irresistible Folgers instant coffee in both taste and aroma. 

Nescafe Taster's Choice Instant Coffee
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Nescafe is the brand that brought a revolution in the world of beverages by first using the spray drying technique to make instant coffee

Launched as early as 1938, this brand continues as one of the most popular brands of instant coffee, and in 2012 it was proved that Nescafe reigns over 74 percent of the instant market. 

Nescafe Taster’s Choice House Blend provides the same smooth freshness as is always offered by Nescafe. Made from lightly roasted pure premium coffee beans, it ensures “TRUE CRAFTSMANSHIP” in every cup.

Cafe Tastlé 100% Organic Instant Coffee
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Café Tastle 100 % Organic Instant Coffee brings the best of nature, as it claims to have used no artificial chemicals like herbicides and pesticides. 

This brand is certified as 100% Kosher by the Union of the Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. Therefore if you are health conscious and have a bias for organic products, this is the right one for you.

History of Instant Coffee

According to The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink, the powdered drink came into existence around 1771, almost 200 years after Europe was acquainted with coffee. 

However, there are debates about its origin. A concentrated mixture of coffee, sugar, and milk was used during the American Civil War, although it failed to gain much popularity. 

In 1876, Camp Coffee was produced by a Glasgow firm. The first ready-to-use ground coffee was marketed by Folger’s. 

Instant coffee came into existence much later. Nestle’s Nescafe is one of the first brands which made instant coffee as popular as it is now. 

FAQs About The Ground And Instant Coffee

How to make Instant Coffee?

If you are wondering how to make instant coffee, there is nothing to worry about at all – it’s just a child’s play. The process of making instant coffee is very simple and takes very little time to be completed. 

One has only to add the proper amount of instant coffee to hot water or milk. Sugar is to be added according to taste, and the mixture needs to be stirred a little. 

That’s it- coffee is ready! Instant coffee takes much less time to be brewed because it is already brewed once in the process of its preparation before packaging.

What is the main difference between ground and instant coffee?

Ground coffee is made by crushing whole bean coffee. The fine blend is called ground coffee. Whereas when this ground coffee is brewed, and the liquid is dried to form a powder, it is called instant coffee.  

Ground coffee has more caffeine content, around 60 to 120 mg of caffeine per cup whereas instant coffee contains 60 to 80 mg of caffeine in every cup. 

Is instant coffee bad for you?

Is instant coffee bad for you?“-this is the question that makes most coffee lovers worried. Well, both instant coffee and ground coffee affect the body. 

As the processing of instant coffee involves multiple steps, there are some elements of coffee, for instance, some oils, which get lost during this process. One of the primary differences between these two is their caffeine content. 

While the caffeine content varies from brand to brand and depends on the coffee beans chosen, it is safe to claim that instant coffee contains less caffeine than ground coffee. 

On average one cup (about 237 ml) of instant coffee contains about 62 milligrams of caffeine, whereas the same amount of brewed coffee contains about 96 milligrams of caffeine. 

Caffeine is a stimulant, the sensitivity to which varies from person to person. In a regular diet, coffee is the chief source of caffeine. 

Caffeine helps to improve both cognitive and physical performance, burns fat, improves metabolism, increases mental alertness, and reduces fatigue. 

But too much caffeine can cause several problems to the body including restlessness, insomnia or sleep disruption, tremor, stomach upset, anxiety, or a rise in a heartbeat. 

However, if one has to control caffeine intake, it is better to go for the decaf version, be it ground coffee or instant coffee.

In the battle of instant coffee vs ground coffee, many experts believe instant coffee to be lagging behind one step because of its acrylamide content, as it can contain even double amounts of acrylamide in comparison to fresh, roasted coffee. 

Too much acrylamide has the potential to increase the risk of cancer and to harm the nervous system. 

Nevertheless, the amount of acrylamide one may intake from coffee in a regular diet is still lower than the danger level, and therefore instant coffee is not a serious threat to the human body.

Another point to be focused on while contemplating instant coffee vs ground coffee is the amount of potassium they contain. Potassium is one of the seven essential macro elements, having immense importance on the body’s wellbeing. 

Instant coffee contains much less amount of potassium than is contained in ground coffee. Potassium regulates fluid balance in the human body and also plays a vital role in controlling the heart’s electrical activities. 

Besides, it lowers the risk of many dangers including kidney stones, stroke, and high blood pressure. On that account, ground coffee is preferred by many nutritionists. One of the key benefits of coffee is the antioxidants it provides.

However, antioxidants do not play a very significant role in the battle of instant coffee vs ground coffee, as both of them have similar or at least comparable amounts of antioxidants.

Instant Coffee Vs Ground Coffee- which is more popular?

Instant coffee, as it goes through thorough processing, lacks many of the minerals that ground coffee contains. Also, instant coffee does not offer a wide range of flavors. 

While Ground coffee is often made of Arabica beans, instant coffee is usually made of Robusta beans which are cheaper and which render a bitter taste to instant coffee. 

Yet instant coffee is very much popular for more than one reason. It is much easier to be made at home and takes less time to be brewed. It is cheaper and it can be stored for much longer than ground coffee. 

Thus it saves both time and money and is much more convenient for the generation which is always on the go. Instant coffee is also very good for travelers.


Everyone has their preferences. Some people prefer instant coffee while some like ground coffee. 

While each of these has its advantages and disadvantages, in general, it can be claimed that instant coffee is better for everyday lives, whereas ground coffee is better for occasional relish. 

So drink whichever you want, and let enjoyment be the ultimate judge in the battle of instant coffee vs coffee grounds.

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