IMS Precision 14-16g Filter Basket compatible with Lelit and Ascaso 57mm group head portafilters

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Price: $33.00
(as of Aug 04,2022 17:31:26 UTC – Details)


IMS B642TH22N. MS Precision Shower Screen specifically designed for Lelit and Ascaso 57mm group head portafilters I.M.S. produces a range of competition filters designed to bring out the best in your coffee. The SHAPE and PERFORATION have been designed to ensure ideal coffee extraction. The filter is bright and polished all around, even inside the holes. The bright and polished surface prevents dirt from adhering to it and facilitates cleaning. A filter without coffee residue allows for extracting only freshly ground coffee, rendering this phase of the process faster and safer, always guaranteeing an optimal result. The actual capacity of a filter depends on many factors such as the coffee grind or the space that is left between the coffee puck and the showerhead screen.
IMS Precision, Competition Series shower screen
Double Espresso 14-18 grams, wide 64mm, height 22mm
340 holes, Flat Bottom, Stainless Aisi 304 steel
Fits Lelit Anna, Anita, Dianna, Grace
Fits Ascaso Dream, Basic, ARC, Elipse and 57mm Steel

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