IKAPE 45.5mm Espresso Tamper, Premium Barista Coffee Tamper Compatable with Flair Pro and Pro 2 Espresso Makers, 100% Flat Stainless Steel Calibrated Spring Loaded Tamper for Espresso Machine

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Price: $43.99
(as of Aug 08,2022 09:34:44 UTC – Details)


💖 Warming Tips 💖:

If at any time you decide that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we will refund 100% of the money.
💖 Your ESPRESSO Deserves Better – Are you tired of unbalanced coffee flavors due to uneven ground coffee? Now, for the perfectionist who wants a great espresso, you can simply use our IKAPE Retractable Tamperer to create the best-flavored espresso. It ensures that the ground coffee in your bottomless naked portafilter handle is thoroughly compacted for even and consistent pressure every time, so let your ESPRESSO coffee be better!
💖 IKAPE 45.5mm Premium Tamper – We use the highest quality, 100% food-safe grade stainless steel for our tamper bases. It is Made specifically to enhance Flair PRO or PRO 2 Espresso Makers. A powerful replacement to the existing tamper which included with every espresso maker. This tamper is not compatible with the Classic or Signature series.
💖 Great for Professional Baristas – Once you taste tamped espresso from your own coffee maker, you’ll forget about your local coffee shop and fall in love with hand-brewed coffee. This is the highest quality tamper to date. With this tamper, the coffee get consistent distribution and pressure every time, eliminating the key variables in making espresso and achieving even extraction, it will be your go-to espresso best accessory.
💖 Consistent Concentric Ring Coffee Surface – This calibrated tamper provides over 30 lbs of optimal mashing power. By using this espresso tamper, you will get a flat concentric ring pattern in your portafilter. Numerous tests have shown that a concentric ring ground espresso coffee surface obtained at 30 Ib strength produces a better quality espresso, and the consistency of 30 Ibs of pressure will bring a great tasting coffee experience to you.
💖 More Sizing Options – To ensure you get the best shopping experience, we offer a variety of sizes such as 45.5mm tamper compatible with various sizes of flat bottomless portafilter. We are confident to meet the needs of a diverse customer base and offer a one-year warranty. If at any time you found that you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we will refund 100% of the money, or you can donate to a group in need and pass on your good deed.

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