Huanyu Coffee Grinder Electric Flat Burr Grinding Machine Automatic Mill 35oz Coffee Bean Grinder with 19 Adjustable Grind Settings 36 Cups Professional Miller for Drip, Percolator, French Press, Espresso and Turkish Coffee 200W Cleaning Brush Included (110V, Red with Powder Box)

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Product Description

coffee grindercoffee grinder

About Huanyu Electric Coffee Grinders:

Working principle:

The metal blade is attached to a motor. When the motor is started, the upper and lower cutters are rotated to produce a cutting action to cut the beans into broken particles.

The advantages of flat burr:

Flat burr leveling (correcting deflection error) and calibration (adjusting grinding accuracy) are easier than conical burr. Moreover, the precision adjustment of the flat burr is more accurate than that of the conical burr, and the deflection error can be avoided by the leveling test before assembly.

The use of flat burr is highly recognized:

In the International Espresso Competition, all finalists use electric flat burr coffee grinders.

Please note:

Our coffee grinders will be tested with coffee beans before leaving the factory to calibrate and level, so that can ensure the grinders can be used immediately when they are delivered to customers without the need for calibration again.

size parameters of coffee grinding machinesize parameters of coffee grinding machine

(The size is measured manually, there is a certain small range of error, please understand.)

coffee beancoffee bean

Precautions for use:

1.During the grinding process, some heat is generated due to friction, and it is normal to encounter agglomeration of oily dry goods.

2.When grinding dry goods, intermittent grinding should be adopted, and the grinding control should be controlled for about 10 seconds each time.

3.The product is a dry grinder. Do not grind juicy food (fruit, vegetables, etc.).

4.Grinding burrs need to be replaced regularly to ensure grinding accuracy.

Generally, the service life of the burr is grinding about 200kg of coffee beans. If you need to replace the burr, we can provide you with free burr accessories for you to replace.



Model: 018

Color: Black/Red

Body Material: ABS

Input: AC110V/60Hz

Power: 200W

Product Size: 23*14*43cm(9.2*5.5*16.9in)

Cutter Diameter: 60mm(2.4in)

Motor Speed: 1800-2000r/min

Capacity: 1L(34OZ)

Weight: 4kg

enjoy your coffee making life!enjoy your coffee making life!

Use tip:

Generally speaking, the best time for grinding is 15 minutes, at which time the ground coffee powder has the best flavor. (Grinding coffee powder with different precision, the time can be adjusted slightly.)


flat burrflat burr

fixing screwfixing screw

container and bean bincontainer and bean bin

Stainless steel flat burr

Fast and accurate,

Low temperature efficient grinding.

Maximum retention of the bright flavor and rich aroma of coffee.

19 gears coarse-fine adjustment

0-19 scales can be adjusted,

The smaller the value, the finer the powder.

The larger the value, the coarser the powder.

According to personal needs, manually adjust the gears.

Detachable funnel&container

Large capacity.

Removable, easy to take coffee powder and clean.

Transparent visualization, easy to observe the grinding process.



clean brushclean brush

spare fusespare fuse

Multiple usage

You can also use portafilter to receive coffee powder.

About cleaning

The included cleaning brush can easily wipe off the coffee powder remaining on the grinding disc.

Spare fuse

The machine base is equipped with two spare fuses, which can be replaced in time when the original fuses are burned out.

How to choose the gears:

grinding effect and gear selectiongrinding effect and gear selection


1000G coffee grinder(018)

250G coffee grinder

250G coffee grinder

1000G coffee grinder(022)

500G coffee grinder(022)

1000G coffee grinder(022)

Anti-jumping Bean

Precision Adjustment

19 gears thickness adjustment

8 gears thickness adjustment

8 gears thickness adjustment

19 gears thickness adjustment

19 gears thickness adjustment

19 gears thickness adjustment

Motor Speed








large capacity

stainless steel powder receiving tank with powder sieve

stainless steel powder receiving tank with powder sieve

high precision grinding, LCD display, timing and quantitative

high precision grinding, LCD display, timing and quantitative

high precision grinding, LCD display, timing and quantitative

【MULTI-PRECISION ADJUSTMENT】This coffee grinder adopts stepless fine-tuning technology, with a 19-position precision adjustment plate. Adjusting the grinding thickness, different types of coffee can be made, especially suitable for: Turkish coffee, Espresso, Moka, French press, Siphon, Hand brewed coffeeetc. It is the best choice for homes, offices, cafes and other leisure places.
【LARGE CAPACITY】 Both the bean funnel and the receiving container are made of food-grade material, which is safe and visible. The 35oz bean bin can hold up to 25oz coffee beans at a time to ensure the grinding quality. The 22oz receiving tank can hold up to 18oz of coffee powder at a time, and you can make about 36 cups of coffee. It greatly saves the time of adding, grinding. It is a good helper for family gatherings and cafes to make coffee! What’s more, both are detachable for easy cleaning.
【FLAT BURR FOR EFFICIENT GRINDING】The flat burr is made of stainless steel food grade material, the diameter of it is 60mm, can do cryogenic grindings. The ground powder is in the form of flakes and has a fine texture. Which make the coffee has a bright taste, a concentrated and strong flavor and aroma. 200w motor power, high grinding efficiency. The powder output speed is about 0.7oz/s, and it is recommended that the continuous grinding time preferably not exceed 15 minutes each time.
【LOW NOISE & EXQUISITE DESIGN】The noise of different coffee beans varies with different thicknesses during grinding, which is about 90 dB, and is a normal level. At the same time, the overall design of the grinder is compact and stylish, which can well decorate the countertop environment.
【PERFECT AFTER-SALES SERVICE】We provide one-year quality warranty service and lifetime free after-sales service. We can provide free replacement for damaged parts, so that our customers can purchase without any worries.

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