HSLINU 53mm Espresso Coffee Distributor Height Adjustable Red Rosewood Handle Stainless Steel Base Uncoated Espresso Distributor Leveler Tool (Color : Gold, Size : Single-Line)

Price: $93.56
(as of Sep 11,2021 00:22:27 UTC – Details)


Product name: coffee cloth powder machine
Material: red rosewood, stainless steel
Base size: 53mm
Type: Flat, Thread, Single-Line, 3 Angled Slopes, 4 Angled Slopes
Suitable for: coffee lovers, barista beginners, advanced baristas

The 53mm stainless steel base has no coating on the surface, which can be in direct contact with food and is healthy to use.
The high-quality wooden handle is made of rosewood, and the handle is designed with a groove, which makes it more comfortable when you take the coffee ram.
The handle and base of the coffee ram are screwed together, and the height of the coffee ram can be adjusted.
The base of the coffee ram can easily flatten the coffee powder inside the powder bowl. With the cooperation of the powder press, it can help you make high-quality coffee.

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