HOVELY Coffee Tamper, 58mm Espresso Press with Mat 304 Stainless Steel Base Wooden Handle for Coffee Grounds Barista Espresso Machines Accessory

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Price: $16.99
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Made of food-safe stainless steel, this tamper will not only guarantee a good espresso shot but will prevent any harmful chemicals or plating from other metal materials from contaminating your coffee. Tampers are important for three primary reasons: Tampers are needed to compact the coffee grounds in a portafilter because the more compact the grounds are, the more difficult it is for hot water to pass through the grounds. As the water fights to get through the coffee, it better captures the flavor of the coffee, creating crema and making higher-quality espresso overall. A good tamper is also essential because by pressing the coffee grounds together, is also pushes the grounds together to form a flat surface. This prevents uneven channels of water developing as it filters through the grounds, and ensures that the hot water saturates all of the grounds as a whole. Finally, as the tamper creates an even surface for the grounds, it also provides some room for the water to fill in the portafilter above the grounds, allowing it to soak the grounds more efficiently. Anyway, the simple goal of tamping is avoiding small pockets of air in the basket. The most important characteristics of a great tamper are a well-balanced and sturdy build along with a comfortable fit in the hand, and our tamper fits the bill.
Heavyweight: You’ll be aiming for 30 pounds of pressure, and this is much easier to achieve with a heavier tamper, our tamper with heavyweight is coffee lovers perfect option.
Nice Touch: The solid wood handld is hard, dense, tight-grained and polishes to a very special finish preventing insect bites. It is a nice touch and look, perfect for the barista work area.
Material: The base is made of 304 stainless steel. Its flat base makes for an even and consistent tamp every time. This tamper fits portafilters basket which inner size lager than 58mm.
Making higher-quality espresso: For the barista looking for simple and easy tamping while still compacting coffee grounds as tight as possible, this tamper fits the bill, it comes with a rubber holder as not to scratch or dirty the cupboard you choose to store it in.
After-sales: For any questions of product usage please contact with us. if for any reason you are not entirely satisfied, you may return any item in its original condition for a full refund or an exchange within 7 business days from delivery.Patent registration

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