Hipresso Super-automatic Espresso Coffee Machine with Large 7 Inches HD TFT Display for Brewing Americano,Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato,Flat White, Espresso Drinks

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Product Description

fully automatic coffee machinefully automatic coffee machine

coffee machinecoffee machine

coffee makercoffee maker Red Dot Winner 2020

The Hipresso automatic coffee maker won Red Dot design award in 2020, which has been a symbol of outstanding design quality, a seal of excellent design concept.It provides 11 kinds of programmable espresso & specialty coffee options:

Espresso & Lugo Americano Cappuccino Macchiato Latte & Latte Macchiato Flat White Warm Milk & Milk Foam Hot Water

Hipresso Super Automatic Espresso Machine with Milk Frother, Countertop

Provide you a best brewing experience

The Hipresso super-automatic espresso coffee machine spoils coffee lovers for variety.Suitable for using at home,office.With large 7 inches HD TFT capacitive touch screen,dual heating system and one touch milk frother,you can enjoy a hot,creamy,silk smooth personal coffee beverage at a touch of a button in seconds.Its outstanding conical burr grinder and brewing system ensure maximun fressness and keep original aroma and taste from fresh beans.A Bypass doser allows you to brew pre-ground coffee.

MORE OUTSTANDING FEATURES: User Interface: 7 inches large touch screen display 11 Espresso & specialty coffee brewing options Professional conical burr grinder (4 grinder settings) Dual heating systems heats up quickly Removable brewing group Automatic detection of waste water level 19 Bar Italian pump brews high quality and rich-tasting espresso

espresso coffee makerespresso coffee maker

Compared with competitors, the Hipresso Super-Automatic Espresso Machine comes with a large 7 inches HD TFT capacitive touch screen, delivers freshly brewed coffee, espresso in just one touch. Besides, it makes espresso at a consistently ideal temperature thanks to its dual boiler, which provides excellent heat distribution, as well as its instant reheat function, keeps the machine at an ideal temperature, no matter how long the interval between cups. Moreover,it features a unique beans-to-brew system that grinds coffee beans right before brewing for exceptionally aromatic espresso. Capable of preparing lungo, Americano,cappuccino, latte,macchiato, flat white, latte macchiato, warm milk, milk foam,hot water, let you enjoy your favorite beverage in the comfort of your own home. With Hipresso, design your own espresso experience, and share it with the people you care for most.


Issue 1. – It constantly alerts me to fill the beans while the bean tray is full.

Solution – Touch “Menu” – Touch “Calibrate” – Enter into number “67” – Touch “OK” – And it will come out information like “(2)R/S(0-9)”, if the first number is 2, please enter into “3”, if the first number is 3, then, inter into “4”, (just +1 based on the first number of the information )

Issue 2. – It constantly alerts me to empty the drip tray though it’s empty.

Solution – The waste water probes on the waste water tray might be clogged or wet. Take out the drip tray,clean and dry the two waste water probes with a dry cloth or tissues.

Issue 3. – It constantly alerts me to insert the drip tray.

Solution – Let our team know via Amazon message for a instruction video showing how to fix it

Issue 4. – Drinks are not hot enough.

Solution – Touch “Menu” – Touch “Calibrate” – Enter into number “77” – Touch “OK”, then, it will come out information like “(3) Temp (0-9), You can enter into a number which is smaller than the first number of the information. The smaller the number, the higher the temperature.

If you have any other issues with our coffee machine, please let us know via Amazon messages, we will be always there to assist you to solve the issue.


one touch coffee makerone touch coffee maker

coffee grinder coffee grinder

hipresso coffee makerhipresso coffee maker

coffee maker with frothercoffee maker with frother

One Touch Brewing and Frothing

Comes with a large 7 inches HD display capacitive touch screen. 11 programmable brewing options, and one button operation of milk frother,let you enjoy your favorite beverage just at one touch. Besides, automatic cleaning also can be done just by a touch, save time and efforts so easy.

4-Step Grinder Adjustment

With a 4 step adjustable conical burr grinder that you can turn your beans into anything from ultra-fine powder to coarse grindings. While the Hipresso comes with a recommended grind setting, you have the option to customize according to your coffee roast, origin, and personal taste preferences.

Brewing Option with Pre-ground Coffee

Brew with either whole bean or pre-ground coffee a bypass doser near the bean container.


1.Do not use pre-groud coffee for the first use of this coffee machine.

2.To brew with pre-groud coffee, please touch the pre-ground coffee icon at the lower right corner first. When it turns red,you can add pre-ground coffee.

One Button Operation of Milk Frother

The milk frother system allows you to easily prepare rich,silky smooth foam for specialty beverage,such as latte macchiato,cappuccino. What’s more? With only two parts, the milk frother and milk tube are removable from the machine, quite easy to clean.


easy cleaneasy clean

automatic alarmingautomatic alarming

super automatic coffee machinesuper automatic coffee machine

Heat-Up Time in Less Than 30 Seconds

The coffee machine was designed with Italian craftsmanship and engineered with high quality materials. With Italian 19-bar high performance pump and dual heating system that take only 30 seconds around from a touch on the screen to enjoying a cup of coffee.

Automatic Clean System, Easy to Clean

This coffee maker has automatic rinsing systems, that’s Milk System Clean, Rinsing, Brewer Deep Clean, Descaling, as well as automatic cleaning when on and off, totally saves time and cost for cleaning. Besides, the brewing group is removable, drip tray is dishwasher safe.

Smart Alerts

Featured with automatic detection of waste water level, automatic alarm. Besides, it also has automatic alarm for filling water, adding beans,brew group installing,drip tray installing, cleaning grounds box. Your smart coffee machine assistant.

Adjustable Spout Height

Spout height is adjustable from 80mm to 144mm, suitable for cups/mugs with different heights to make customized beverages.

programmable coffee makerprogrammable coffee maker

Tips for Using Hipresso Coffee Machine

1. Never run the coffee machine when the water tank is empty.

2. The amount of coffee beans shall not exceed one day usage amount.

3. Do not use raw milk. Use milk at refrigerator temperature (3-5℃)

4. Do not add hot water or freezing water into the water tank.

5. Use freshly roasted espresso beans (avoid caramelized beans and damped beans).

6. Store coffee beans in a cool, dark and dry container. Vacuum sealed if possible.

NOTE: Each machine has been tested with coffee beans on the production line. Although it has been carefully cleaned, there may be some coffee residues left. The machine is absolutely new.


Voltage: AC120V 60Hz US plug Rating Power: 1250W User Interface Display: 7 inches HD (pixel:1024*600) Touch Screen: Capacitive touch screen display Capacity of Water Reservoir 60.87 oz (1.8L) Capacity of Bean Container: 160g Capacity of Grounds Box: 10 pcs Power Range for Single Cup: 7-12g Single Cup Volume Range: 20-250ml Spout Height Range: 3.15-5.67 inches (80-144mm) Net Weight: 28.66lbs (13kgs) Product Size (Inch): 18.11″ (Length) x 11.22″ (Width) x 14.37″ (Height) Other Accessories: 1 x Cleaning Brush + 1 x Measuring Spoon + 1 x Milk Tube + 1 x Power Cord + 1 x Manual

Super-Automatic Espresso Coffee Maker -Bean to cup feature with one touch brewing and frothing for 11 varieties, meeting different preference in your coffee, no matter at home or in office, you get it all. You can also get a customized coffee by adjusting the volume and length of grounds,coffee, temperature, milk foam at a touch of few buttons
Programmable -This coffee maker comes with a super large 7 inches HD touch screen with programmable brewing options for espresso,lungo,americano, latte,cappuccinos,macchiatos, latte macchiato,flat white, hot water,warm milk,milk foam, as well as automatic clean system.Moreover, it also has automatic detection of waste water level,automatic alarm for filling water, adding beans,brew group installing,drip tray installing,cleaning grounds box
Professional Ginder and pump -Long lasting conical burr grinder with adjustable fineness settings,grinds beans directly,delivering the freshest result to the cup that keeps the maximun flavor with good taste.Pre-ground also can be used.19 Bar professional Italian pump extracts coffee to release the best flavor, creates a rich creamy espresso with smoothe taste.Make a coffee in less than 30 seconds after a touch
Easy to Clean -The espresso machine has automatic clean system, it will have automatic cleaning when the machine is on and off, totally saves time and efforts. Besides,the brew unit,milk frother,water tank,waste water tray are removable, ease of cleaning as well. Water container size is great with 60.87 oz (1.8L)
Dual Heating System -With an accurate dual temperature control system, the beverages can achieve the ideal state. The double-volume boiler can produce more hot water and steam.The size of coffee machine is 18.11(Length) x 11.22(Width) x 14.37 (Height) inches, weight 28.66lbs (13kgs), looks high end when putting on counter or in office

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