HIBOU Pour Over Kettle – Copper Coated – Integraded Thermometer for Exact Temperature – Gooseneck Spout for a Precision Pour (40floz|1.2L)

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Price: $49.99
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Product Description

Hibou ProductsHibou Products

Slim Spout, Built in thermometer, No slip handleSlim Spout, Built in thermometer, No slip handle

Perfect Coffee Every timePerfect Coffee Every time

ENJOY A PERFECT CUP OF COFFEE EVERY TIME: Our pour over gooseneck kettle allows brewing at the perfect rate and making your cup of coffee just the way you like it. If you enjoy a well brewed, pure and flavorful cup of coffee, this pour over kettle is just perfect for you.
OPTIMAL TEMPERATURE EVERY TIME: Our kettle comes with an integrated temperature gauge which allows you to brew your coffee at the optimal temperature. Desirable temperature range is 195-205°F.
CONSISTENT EXTRACTION EVERY TIME: Precise water flow is essential in making pour over coffee and tea. Its gooseneck spout allows a slow and responsive pour, perfect for manual brewing. And with a copper coated finish and an ergonomic handle, this 1.2-liter kettle is both long-lasting and comfortable to use. Our advice is to reduce water capacity to 1 Liter to avoid overflow.
EASY TO HOLD WOODEN HANDLE: Our thoughtfully designed heat-resistant handle offers the ultimate in comfort and control while brewing your perfect cup of coffee.

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