He-art Professional Barista Espresso Machine Cafe Commercial Semiautomatic Cappuccino Maker with Milk Frother Steamers 15 Bar Extraction Pressure 1.6l Water Tank Latte Coffe Machines

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Price: $349.99
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Commercial / Household coffee machines
Function: Cappuccino / Latte / espresso / milk pattern coffee/ foam milk
Honeycomb stainless steel filter, the extracted coffee is more intense
The steam knob can regulate the amount of steam
Friendly simple operation knob
Extracting coffee and foaming milk at the same time

Packing: machine, Instruction manual, powder tool, powder spoon, Power Adapter.
Working mode: Semiautomatic Pressure Pump extraction

Body: length 20cm / width 19.5cm / height 38.2cm
Water tank capacity: 1.6L
Coffee capacity: 5 cups
Applicable people: 1-10 people
Weight: 5.8 kg

Machine body: 304 type food safety stainless steel
Other: plastic
Voltage: 110v-220v
Power: 920W

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Stable extraction pressure: 15 bar extraction pressure, the taste of coffee extraction is not too bitter, and it will not become sour cause the extraction pressure is too small.making foam milk at the same time, let you save time, rich coffee makes you better Make a milk pattern.
Friendly and simple operation: only one knob, turn left to adjust the amount of steam, turn to the right to adjust the amount of hot water. 2 coffee filters, single cup / double cup. Suitable for Cappuccino / Latte / espresso / milk pattern coffee/ foam milk
Household/ Small cafe: 5 cups of coffee capacity, 1.6L large capacity water tank, no need to add water frequently. Make the coffee making process elegant and elegant, If you have any questions about how you operate, we welcome you to ask questions.
Safety material: stainless steel steamer / warm cup tray / steam tube / filter. The machine’s warm-up time is greatly reduced, the machine’s work efficiency is improved, and power is saved.
Stylish appearance: adhering to the concept of coffee making, using pure brown color, the surface of the coffee machine is painted with electroplating paint, Don’t worry about fading.

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