GVODE Pour Over Coffee Maker,14 Ounce Hand Manual Coffee Dripper

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Product Description

From this moment on, enjoy cooking.

【About the weight ratio of ground coffee and water】


Ideal:1:12~1:13 (Gold Cup)


【Sturdy Pour Over Borosilicate Glass Carafe】

Stronger anti-fracture function Anti-chemical corrosionAnti-thermal shock Lighter weight Meet safety standards Easy to clean

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【High Quality Permanent Stainless Steel Filter】

Laser-Cut Reusable Double Filter Screen Titanium Gold Color Save Original Coffee Oils and Scent

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【You Deserve a Better Life】

The original aroma of coffee wakes up your every morningEvery tired moment is all accompanied by a warm cup of coffeeIt only takes a little time for you to have a healthier life

【How to make a cup of mellow coffee easily?】

1. According to personal taste, add medium-fine (Fresh is better) ground coffee to the filter.

How to make a cup of mellow coffee easily?

2. Heat water to just below boiling point (185℉~197.6℉). Slowly pour water over coffee. Draw the circle from the outside to the inside so that the water evenly permeates the coffee powder.

How to make a cup of mellow coffee easily?

3. Pause. Let the water drip through. Repeat until you’ve used all the water.

How to make a cup of mellow coffee easily?

Then ? Take a beautiful photo and share it on Facebook or ins.Sit down and enjoy your homemade coffee.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Brew Pour Over Coffee like a Pro. at Home- not only incredibly easy to use, and environmentally friendly. Manual Pour-Over coffee is very flavorful and well balanced, allowing you to fully appreciate all the nuances of a well-roasted coffee.
Better Taste with our Reusable Stainless Steel Filter, Double layered titanium gold, ensures that the most essential coffee oils and nutrients pass through to your coffee, while preventing any grounds from getting into your cup. Smoother and less bitter. And NO MORE PAPER FILTER.
Sturdy Borosilicate Glass Carafe – Classic design Beautify your home, borosilicate glass resistant to thermal shock, no odors, no chemicals. Giving you a fresh tasting coffee every time.Each glass is handcrafted from high quality glass, meaning each one is unique just like you
Scientific Humanization Design: Heat Resistant Carafe Handle makes carry-around and pouring so comfortable; Easy Pouring Spout lets you enjoy every drop of coffee.
Capacity – (14 oz) of Perfect Hand Drip Coffee Makes an excellent gift for any occasion; birthdays, holidays, housewarming etc

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