GROSCHE Zurich French Press Coffee maker, PURPLE, 11.8 fl oz, 3 demitasse cup, 350 ml, coffee press coffee maker with stainless steel coffee filter

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Product Description

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Founded with a mission of helping children and families that don’t have safe water to drink, GROSCHE sells its products to raise funds and run its Safe Water Project; Every product sold by GROSCHE funds 50+ days of safe water to those in need. But the company’s initiatives don’t stop there. GROSCHE has been carbon neutral since 2010, champions living wages, and only works with factories that are verified for social and environmental compliance. GROSCHE is a Certified Benefit Corporation, as well as a woman owned and family run business that invites you to be a part of a global difference.

Simple and Elegant French Press Coffee Maker


A classic and elegant French Press Coffee Maker for delicious immersion brewed coffee

A French Press coffee maker is the preferred way by aficionados to make delicious immersion brewed coffee. This type of coffee maker has been around for a while and brews a richer and deeper flavor profile than other methods. In Immersion brewing the coffee ground are totally immersed in the hot water for the brewing period (usually 3 to 5 minutes) and it releases all the natural and delicious deep and rich flavors of the coffee beans. This rich flavor is what you will get with the Zurich French press, in a stylish and classic design.

Easy to use French Press coffee maker / cafetiere

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Step 1: Add coarse ground coffee beans

Always use coarse ground coffee beans in a French Press coffee maker. This will give you a deep and rich brew, and ensure you dont build up any pressure in your french press as you press it once the coffee is brewed. Add 1-2 tablespoons of coffee per cup. Around 4-6 tablespoons is the preferred coffee amount to make a full french press at a time. Use 22 grams per 14 oz cup as a starting point and then adjust to taste. .

Step 2: Add hot water

Add hot water to your press. Ideally the water should be at around 190F so that you dont scorch your coffee beand and extract the ideal flavors from the freshly ground coffee. Using freshly ground coffee will give you the best and richest flavors always. Once coffee has been ground it will lose its freshness and flavor in around 7 days. The more froth you see when you pour the water the fresher the beans, in general.

Step 3: Add lid and let it brew

Add on the lid and let t brew for 3 to 5 minutes. You can turn the top lid so that the steam is locked into the french press body, and you it will brew a rich and delicious cup of French Press immersion brewed coffee.

Usually the preferred brew time is 3 to 5 minutes. Depending on the roast, the grind size, the type of the coffee, you can try to vary the brew time to your ideal and preferred brewing time. This type of coffee maker is very flexible in that it allows you to adjust your brewing to get the ideal flavor that you like.

Step 4: Slowly press down the filter

Now slowly press down on the filter of the french press. If you feel excessive pressure, then slow down or back off on the filter a bit and pull it up slightly, then resume pressing down. If there is a lot of back pressure it is important to go slow or pull the press filter back up so you dont have coffee grounds force past the coffee filter. If you press slowly, you will get a smooth and rich cup of coffee with the special flavors that only a French Press coffee maker can give.

Premium flavors from any coffee beans

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Secondary filter in the lid will catch any grinds and give you a rich and clean cup of coffee

You dont have to buy very expensive coffee beans to get amazing flavor. Using the GROSCHE Zurich French Press you will enjoy incredible flavors from your favorite coffee beans. The key is always to freshly grind your beans in the amount that you will be using. Leaving ground beans for more than a few days really diminishes the flavors in your cup and the beans tend to dry out. Never store ground coffee beans in a refrigerator, just in an airtight container in a cool and dry place.

There is a secondary filter in the lid to catch any larger grounds that may make it past. If you use a good burr grinder, and press your coffee slowly, you should get minimal grinds in your Zurich French Press. Never use a press with more than 1 filter screen as that can create high pressure and a safety hazard while pressing the coffee. One good quality filter is all you will need to make an excellent and rich cup of French Press Coffee.


GROSCHE Is the brand that gives back!

GROSCHE Is an intentional brand of premium coffee, tea, and hydration products that is built around giving back. GROSCHE offers premium quality products and backs them with service to match. They are experts in the coffee, tea, and hydration products space and have been awarded and recognized for the products and designs.

GROSCHE is also a brand that is built around giving back to others. Every GROSCHE product sold funds 50+ days of safe water for someone in need. GROSCHE has run its own Safe Water Projects in 6 countries around the world since 2010 and has funded over 115 million days of safe water for people in need and countin. GROSCHE is also a registered Benefit Corporation which is the highest recognized standard for social and environmental performance in business. GROSCHE audits and inspects all of its factories and vendors and ensure that they are meeting its high standards for environmental and social compliance.

GROSCHE has also been a carbon neutral business since 2010 and is a Living Wage Employer and champion for social causes like poverty reduction, giving back, and running business with a social purpose. It has been recognized by the Government of Canada for its environmental efforts as well.

safe watersafe water

⭐ [ French Press Coffee maker for delicious rich immersion brew coffee] The GROSCHE Zurich French press coffee maker is a simple and effective way to make delicious french press coffee. It has a heatproof borosilicate glass beaker, and a 18.8 stainless steel french press mechanism to brew your coffee.
⭐ [ Durable all stainless steel filter without plastic shoulder nuts ] Unlike other major brands that use plastic parts in the filter mechanism like the shoulder nuts, the ZURICH’s coffee filter is 100% stainless steel. That means durable and long life for your coffee maker.
⭐ [ Dishwasher safe coffee maker ] The Zurich coffee press is top rack dishwasher safe making it easy to clean. Empty out the coffee using a wooden or plastic spoon (NEVER use metal spoons with a Glass French Press as they are the #1 cause of cracked beakers), then load into dishwasher for cleaning.
⭐ [ 3 Demitasse cup capacity – 1 North American coffee mug ] This French press coffee maker has a 11.8 fl oz, 350 ml, or3 demitasse cup capacity. Meaning its equal to about 1 North American sized coffee mug! It does not make 3 coffee mugs, but 3 demitasse cofee cups.
⭐ [ High quality filter screen for maximum flavor and minimal grit ] Beware of brands stuffing multiple cheap filters into a french press. That is highly unsafe and no major brand will ever advise you to do that. Grind your coffee coarse, let it settle, and press down slowly for maximum flavor with minimal grit and enjoy the rich flavor that only a french press can offer.

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