GREECHO Electric Kettle Temperature Control, 1.7L Hot Water Kettle with LED Display & 7 Heat Settings (Boil & Keep Warm), 304 Stainless Steel Tea Kettle Offers Overheat & Boil-Dry Protection (1100W)

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Product Description




GREECHO is a technology and fashion appliance brand originating from the UK.

With the core positioning of “technology and fashion, fun and enjoyment”, we create an elegant and ultimate living experience, and together we seek the temperature of “home”.

Since its inception, GREECHO has always adhered to the core value of “beautify your life”, combining superior design with innovative kitchen appliance manufacturing, committed to providing innovative, high quality, practical and complete home kitchen appliances.

Greecho Temerature Control Electric KettleGreecho Temerature Control Electric Kettle

GREECHO Temperature Control Electric Kettle – Enjoy your relaxed tea moment!

Temperature Control – Our electric kettle provides you with 7 temperature adjustments with LED display.Real-time Temp Monitor – GREECHO hot water kettle has a recessed LED display to monitor the to-the-degree water temperature in real time.Heat Up Fast – A 1100W temperature control electric kettle heats 1. 7 litres in 5 minutes in a safe, quiet way – half the time of teapot heating.2H Keep Warm – Our kettle also has an excellent 2-hour keep-warm function, so that every sip of tea tastes its best.Vintage & Trendy design – The body of the electric tea kettle refers to the style of vintage teapots, and incorporates a technologically LED display and knobs.

With this teapot you will no longer need a pot or microwave to brew your tea. It is obviously your must-have kitchen appliance.

GREECHO Temperature Control Electric KettleGREECHO Temperature Control Electric Kettle

Simple Operation with Only One-press

— FAQs —

Q: The LED of my kettle often automatically turned off with the button does not workA: Our kettle is automatically set to anti-mis-start mode after a long period of non-use, when the set time is exceeded, the display will go off, at this time just touch the button will not wake up the kettle, gently lift the kettle and put it down will be helpful.

Q: Will this kettle burn my hand?A: Compared with ordinary glass kettles and stainless steel kettles, the layer of our kettle will be cooler, if you accidentally touch the body of the kettle for a short time, the degree of scalding will be less severe in most cases than with ordinary kettles. However, since the kettle itself is not an insulated kettle, and does not have an adiabatic layer, please use the kettle by touching the handle after the water boils. DO NOT TOUCH THE BODY DIRECTLY AFTER BOILED!

Q: Is there a way to turn it on with one-press? I don’t want to do temperature setting every time after turning on.A: If you just press the power button and do not set the temperature, the product will automatically boil water at the initial set temperature of 212°F. So If you want to boil the water quickly and easily, just press the button and don’t do any other action after the indicator light turning green.

Quiet Sound & Steady TemperatureQuiet Sound & Steady Temperature

GREECHO Temperature Control Electric Kettle, Your Best Tea Companion!GREECHO Temperature Control Electric Kettle, Your Best Tea Companion!


🍵Preset 7 Gear Temperature Control & Real-time Monitor🍵 – With seven gear of temperature control (104°F,122°F,140°F,158°F,176°F,194°F,212°F), our electric kettle can provide appropriate brewing temperatures for any type of flavorful teas, coffees or simply boil cooking water you might possibly want. Unlike other hot water kettle that use LED lights to show the preset temperature, the GREECHO tea kettle has an embedded LED display that monitors the water temperature in real-time.
🌡️Quicker Boil & Longlast Keep-warm🌡️ – 1100W temperature control electric kettle can heat up 1. 7 L in 5 minutes in a safe & quiet way, which was less than half the time for the microwave heating. Our water kettle also has excellent 2 hours warm-keeping function, making every mouthful of tea tastes the best, which could become your best tea-drinking companion.
🥛The Safest Electric Kettle Protection🥛 – GREECHO hot water kettle has a built-in advanced thermostat control. When no water inside, it automatically shuts off and prevents boil-dry. Our tea kettles are made of BPA-free stainless steel for your maximum safety. The thoughtful anti-mis-start design prevents you and your children from being accidentally scalded when not in use. (after a long period of non-use, gently lift the kettle and place it back on the base to wake it up for normal use)
☕Stylish & User-friendly Design☕ – The bright blue color and matte texture completely distinguish our tea kettle from other old water heater kettle. Clear water-level indication with 360° rotation base breaks the limitation of the used space. The length of the electric kettle cable is adjustable (up to 27.5 inches), the cord can wrap in the base so no need for the rest length of cord putting on the counter, for you to further reduce storage annoyance and keep your cable tidy.
🍵Easy to Use & Clean🍵 – A wide 3.3 inches open with lid allows easy access to fill and clean, with a detachable filter net without BPA is built into the spout of the electric hot water kettle. Tea leaves or tea bags can be added to the water boiler for brewing, which is convenient to filter out impurities after heating. With this tea kettle, you will no longer need pots or microwaves for tea brewing anymore.

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