Gourmet Filter Coffee Pour Over Stand with Filter Cone and Glass Carafe

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Price: $68.06
(as of Jan 26,2022 23:01:54 UTC – Details)


Similar to the Alchemists of ancient time, making great coffee is a balance of science, art and philosophy.

This elegant pour-over set will allow you to create a perfect cup and bring you into a moment of calm reflection before charging out into the world.

Set includes brass/walnut pour-over stand, carafe and filter cone.

Make coffee your meditation.

Elegant pour over stand to match your third wave coffee, no need to hide it away between uses
Allows full control of the extraction process, letting you adjust to find the perfect brew
Filter cone is engineered for consistent extraction and optimal flow, stand is fully adjustable to fit any mug or carafe
Designed in Sweden
Brews 1-3 cups, filters not included. We recommend Hario V60 filters Size 02

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