Gooseneck Pour Over Coffee Kettle, ENLOY Coffee Kettle Use for Drip Coffee and Tea 40oz/1.2L, Stainless Steel Pour Over Kettle with Fixed Thermometer for Exact Temperature

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1. Please note that this kettle holds 1.2 liters water but we recommend boiling 1 liter at a time, since boiling at full capacity risks overflow.

2. You can heat it directly on the stove. Do not use big fire when you are boiling water. Although our handles are fireproof, the burning of big fires will carbonize the handles and affect the life of the handlebars.



ENLOY provides everyone with premium quality coffee-making tools.

ENLOY Pour Over Coffee Kettle was designed to equip you with a quality kettle so that you can brew pour over coffee like a barista. It is specially designed for hand drip coffee, perfect for professionals and beginners alike.

We believe that the best coffee does not come from coffee machines, and not even from boutique coffeehouses, but from the kitchen in your home. Goose-neck kettle help you maintain process consistency when making coffee. ENLOY Pour Over Coffee Kettle is stylish and functional, an elegant addition to any kitchen.





Precision Gooseneck Spout

No spills, mess, or splashes due to the convenient spout design. It also allows for precise and accurate consistent and gradual pouring.

Built-in thermometer

Convenient Built-In Thermometer for Accurate Temperature Customization

Non-Slip and Thermally Insulated Handle

Comfortable handle provides a secure grip and stays cool to prevent scalds and burns.

Premium Stainless Steel

Our kettle is made with premium 18/8 stainless steel, making it durable and resistant to rust. It’s also easy to clean.


☕ ENLOY gooseneck kettle is made of premium 18 / 8 stainless steel that will keep your kettle leak-free and rust-free.
☕ It’s safe for use on gas, electric and induction stovetops, 1.2L capacity kettle is perfect for pour over coffee by the carafe or dripper.
☕ The elegant swan neck shape, ergonomic handle and tapered spout allow you to achieve the desired precision extraction. They are stylish and highly practical in today’s coffee culture and are the perfect irresistible combination.
☕ PRECISE THERMOMETER : Water that is too hot will burn your coffee. If it is too cold, you won’t extract the full consistency of beans. Our goose neck kettle comes with an integrated temperature gauge which allows you to brew your pour over coffee at the optimal temperature (195-205℉). Make a perfect cup of coffee every time with our easy to read coffee thermometer!
☕ ENLOY gooseneck kettle allows you to enjoy coffee at home like a professional, enjoy the good times at any time.

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