Gooseneck Kettle With Thermometer – Small Stovetop Pour Over Tea Kettle – 1200 mL/40 Oz – Durable Stainless Steel – Perfect As A Drip Pour Over Coffee Kettle – Safety Handle For Easy Pouring

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Price: $34.99
(as of Apr 14,2022 06:32:24 UTC – Details)


With a focus on quality, safety, and ease of use, our gooseneck pourover tea and coffee kettle is the perfect fit for creating your favorite hot brew. The safety handle allows for worry-free handling. The built-in thermometer lets you know when the water temperature is just right. The durable, easy to clean materials and kettle design makes pouring a breeze while keeping cleanup to a minimum.
Create lasting memories with family and friends over coffee or tea for years to come knowing that if issues arise with an Aromaz product, you can contact us at any time to have your issue resolved. No automated systems. No bots. You’ll communicate with a real-life member of our Aromaz family. What a crazy idea, huh?
Stop Burning Your Fingers – The integrated bakelite safety handle keeps your hands cool while the contents of your kettle are steaming hot. This handle allows you to go from the stovetop to your pourover coffee or tea without burning your fingers. What a cool idea!
Easily Monitor Your Water Temperature – The perfect cup of coffee or tea requires precise water temperatures that are neither too hot or too cool. Eliminate water heating mistakes with the easy to read, built-in thermometer. When your water reaches the color marked range on the thermometer, it’s time to pour!
Don’t Waste Money On Cheap Products – Unlike other similar looking products, our durable stainless steel goose necked design is built to withstand years of use. Your coffee and tea deserve to be created in nothing but the finest, most durable materials. Better Tools = Better Coffee!
No More Messy Pours – The unique design of the goose neck allows you to easily create your favorite pour over coffee or tea. The gooseneck is designed to slowly pour hot water over your favorite hot beverage and it allow it to “bloom” naturally.
Aromaz Family Promise – From our family to yours, our dedication to quality products and service means that you’ll never have to worry about your coffee brewing setup again. Create lasting memories with friends and family over coffee knowing that if any issue should arise, you can contact a real life human being in our US based Aromaz family. No bots. No automated messages. Real conversations with real people. What a crazy idea, right?

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