Gooseneck electric kettle with indicator light Tea and coffee maker Anti-scald lid Auto shut-off Stainless steel

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Price: $112.99
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Its appearance is simple and elegant and its delicious anti-scald lid gives you a clean view and a different experience.
Equipped with a dry burn protection function for boiling water and automatic shut-off.
Inner lid,filter and spout made of stainless steel.
Its independent heating frame will not cause any problems for cleaning and safety.
Multiple modes of accompaniment,for example,Can make coffee,brew tea and hot milk.

Product size:L9.84 inch * W5.3 * H7.8 inch
Capacity:1.2 L
Net Weight:0.7 kg
Voltage:220 V
Color:Black White

Pay more attention to the voltage and power.
Do not keep the water in the kettle,pay attention to the water level.

Packing list:
1 * electric kettle
1 * base b kettle
The biggest advantage:1000W high power,1.2 liters large capacity,can provide 4 ~ 5 cups of water,fast heating time,only 2 ~ 5 minutes to drink hot water,boil with one button. The most important thing is that it is made of stainless steel and has an easy-to-clean seamless integrated coating,which has a long heat retention time.
Detail control:Compared to ordinary electric kettles,the advantages are flawless. For example,its appearance is very delicate,giving a clean and uncluttered visual effect. It also has a labor-saving handle,a scald-proof lid and a gooseneck leak-proof spout.
Protection element:This kettle has automatic shutdown and protection against boiling and hidden heating elements,which can maximize safety and ease of use. It is safe,non-toxic and resistant to high temperatures. The large caliber spout can accommodate one hand and is easy to clean.
A work of art:the look is simple and generous. Place the vase anywhere,like a harmonious painting. You can’t help but watch it. The more you look at it,the more it suits your tastes. Always accompany. No matter where you are,you need it to cook for you. A pot of hot coffee or boiling water.
Place It Anywhere:This teapot is a must-have for the home,with undeniable style and versatility,plus reliable functionality and safety. It can be placed in the kitchen,living room,office,etc.,can boil hot water to make tea,coffee,oatmeal,instant soup,etc.

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