Globe Faith Handmade Pour Over Coffee Maker Set, Ceramic Pourover Coffee Dripper and Decanter, Pottery V60 Coffee Filter Drip Brewer and Coffee Pot, Stoneware Eco-friendly Coffeemaker Percolator, Annular Vein Retro Metallic Black Glaze 16oz

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Product Description

globe faithglobe faith

Ceramics Are Works of Art of Earth and Fire, Derived From Nature

ceramic coffee maker pour over set and coffee cupceramic coffee maker pour over set and coffee cup

Globe Faith Ceramic Metallic Glaze Coffee Ware Series

Globe Faith earthenware, porcelain and stoneware with its personality, unique and fashion design concept and traditional manual technique provide customers with more natural, reliable and artistic use enjoyment.

Each piece of Globe Faith is a simple, natural and elegant expression of color and a performance of their healthy, durable and sturdy character, if you love distinctive and user-friendly kitchen accessories & cool homeware, we promise you will love it, and it soon becomes your most prized coffee and tea ware.

Globe Faith devote ourselves to customer care and pride at producing best quality crockery is fully functional, food safe, good feel in use, and great design to them as well as personalized look and most important to keep our customers happy.

Fresh Flavoured Coffee Everytime, SIMPLE and HEALTHY! Also Adding a Sense of Style and Aesthetic to a Meal!

retro pour over coffee pot and  dripper and cups setretro pour over coffee pot and  dripper and cups set

Globe Faith’s pottery pour over coffee set is a must for your coffee!

This pour over coffee percolator and mugs combo made of dense ceramic fired up to 2372F, covered with incomparable metallic luster glaze and rich annular texture, most ergonomic for holding make the coffee utensils present in free and rustic and modern style.

16 oz coffee ware Ideal for someone doesn’t need too much caffeine, has limited space, great for ecologically conscious interested in DIY movement of pour over beginners and healthy awareness coffee enthusiasts, brew only what their need for less waste.

Quality, well-made, the healthy ceramic coffee set grabs your attention for its beauty, simplicity and elegance. Great gift for a mother day, birthday, hostess, wedding or housewarming, for any coffee lovers or treat yourself and find out what makes a pour over coffee amazing!

stoneware pourover coffee maker and cups set ceramicstoneware pourover coffee maker and cups set ceramic


That is a Great Solution to Allows for Deep Steep in a Richer Smooth Brew, and Upgrade Your Brewing Results Without Investing Much Money into Various Dazzling Machinery and Expensive Complicated Appliances.

The pour-over coffee maker set Reject Mess and Inconsistencies! It is compact and doesn’t take up much space in cupboard, ease to store and free up your counter space.Without Hassle of setting up a coffee machine or messy and fussy clean-up after a french press, No Complex and Expensive etc. Every coffee lovers like easier, hold a cup of smooth savory coffee in your hand in just minutes.Globe Faith Coffee Maker is Consistent Performance, while electric coffee maker are notoriously fickle, more opportunity for something to go wrong Internally, as electrical circuit can go out, the water tube can clog, or the heating element can stop working, plastic pieces are more likely to break off over time etc.

Ceramics Peculiarity Preferred:

Durable and Sturdy, If You’re looking to buy One Coffee Maker for Years, Globe Faith Ceramic Pour-over Device is the Safe Way to Go, as long as you take care of them, globe faith is better durability than thin glass and healthier than plastic, while french press glass can break with too much pressure from the plunger,Ceramics fantastic thermal properties for their good temperature retention keep coffee warmer than plastic, glass and stainless steel set. Pottery Pot can be heated in microwave, also can be put into fridge for iced brewing. Please don’t heat immediately after refrigerating, vice versa!Coated protective natural unique metallic black glaze finish to manifest distinctive tones from other imitators, resist-scratch and never lose Its individual gloss for lifetime.Nature and original purest taste, no plastic or metallic taste, no chemicals and toxins release when hot water pouring.Delicate Quality, Elegant Shape Aesthetic and Effective Functional, Perfect Decor to Your Kitchen and Table.


Our ceramic coffeemaker typically made from one or two piece of pottery, so you can easily clean every surface, cone filter collect and trap all the grinds, No messy coffee grounds to deal with, they all go out with the filter after dripping, Just Need to Rinse the Coffee Device Consistently After Use.


coffee maker dripper and potcoffee maker dripper and pot

coffee pot and drippercoffee pot and dripper

pour over coffee maker setpour over coffee maker set

coffee pot and cup setcoffee pot and cup set

Step 1:

Wet the paper filter (size 01) with hot water to remove paper flavor and pre-heat the porcelain coffee dripper and coffee pitcher with same hot water before use. Throw away that water used to rinse the filter. A gooseneck kettle it better to contorl the flow of water

Step 2:

You are good to filled the paper filter with coarsely ground coffee ground and start to make fresh and delicious coffee.

The amount of the ground coffee according to your favor.

Step 3:

Slowly Pour hot water into the ground, use a circular motion over the ground for wetting: plunging, mixing, inverting, and pouring until deep soaked. Exit hole is 3/4 inch at the bottom dripper prevents blocking, so coffee exits smoothly and quickly.

Step 4:

The coffee will drip into coffee pitcher fast. Manual brewing method gives you complete control over brewing time and temperature, so your coffee is brewed just the way you like it. Enjoy a fresh and delicious cup of pour over coffee!

pour over coffee maker set ceramicpour over coffee maker set ceramic

ceramc coffee cups setceramc coffee cups set Modern and Trendy

In a funny way having a cup of coffee using with this coffee maker suite while watching sun set has become sort of a spiritual experience. Enjoy the fine things in life!

Coffee Maker and Cup Set are tailored more towards to the users value in nice kitchen aesthetic than efficiency, and a sense of style to a drink or meal.

Impressive contemporary hand drip coffeemaker and coffee mugs combo turn a moment in time into a timeless experience.

Value of the coffee service bring you fresh DIY coffee with interesting, save cleaning time, free up more space, you don’t face to a bulky of machine, no hassle of clean and maintain.

Incomparable stoneware coffee pour-over system meets usability, functions as coffee tools as well as decorative art, it’s fashioned for both unique attractiveness and constant use for years to go, never lose its color and gloss.

Looks visually mild, protected by a non-porous hard-wearing organic metallic dark luster glaze, prevent the occurrence of stains, if you end up not cleaning timely. It also resists damage from heat and utensil marks and scratches.

Amazing style pleased your mood, delightful pourover coffee kits are great for rich and quality of filter coffee, yourself are the best barista for your favorite coffee!

Sometimes an item grabs your attention for its Beauty, Simplicity and Elegance, bring you an amazing coffee time, like globe faith’s coffee ware.

pour over coffee dripper and  pitcher set pour over coffee dripper and  pitcher set

Create Magnificent Tableware for Delicious Social Occasions

Unsurpassed quality and stylish workmanship ceramic pourover coffee maker sets include:

1 x Mini pour over V60 coffee dripper (The hand drip match size 01 paper filter)

1 x Inimitable style coffee pot of 16 oz with comfortable and robust handle and drip-proof spout

The pottery coffee maker set is pretty versatile and good-value, pieces can be separated for other purposes, pitcher used for cream, hot milk, preferably, frothy milk, tea or coffee decanter, pour over cone filter can be combination with pitcher for ordinary pour-over, or along with other mugs for other applications.

Perfect portable and easy to transport for camping, picnic, RVing or travel, wherever and whenever you bring your coffee rigs for fresh coffee.

Natural variations and small differences in sizes, shapes and colors, give each handmade piece, a true unique personality.

ORIGINAL and OUTSTANDING DESIGN, HEALTHY and ECO-FRIENDLY: Exquisite handmade pourover coffee set good tactile and more natural, covered with inimitable metallic luster glaze, minimalist style artistic coffee ware with rich annular texture distinctive from others, satisfy the taste of appreciators for amazing design. Lead and cadmium free, BPA free, don’t worry pouring hot water over fine ceramic day in and day out. Safe and healthy for daily use, care for your coffee time
EXCELLENT THERMAL PERFORMANCE: Well known for ceramic great heat preservation & high-temperature resistance, durable stoneware V60 drip retains heat well than others to help ensure a constant temperature throughout the brewing cycle and all of the flavor from the beans will be delivered to your cup with intact fragrance and coffee not so cool down quickly. Ceramic cone helps to better accentuate coffees with floral or fruit flavor note
EASY-PEASY to USE, DIY with FUN: Large single hole of the filter cone brew quickly & smoothly, a perfect balance between seep and flow, you can change coffee taste according the speed of water flow and control how strong the coffee is by the amount of coffee powder, fineness of the grind, temperature and amount of water, so your coffee is brewed just the way you like it. Ease to brew, no messy coffee grounds to deal with, DIY full of great fun for making coffee with expert coffee kits at home
HUMANIZED and EASY to CLEAN: Great flexibility and room for brewing, allow a faster and fully extraction, inner spiral ribs enable the air flow, for maximum coffee expansion. V60 Cone shape helps to keep the grounds in the right place. Personalized and robust handle shows the distinctive, most ergonomic with fingers and comfortable for hold. Nonskid bottom keep well contact with table top prevent move off. Easy to clean, prevent coffee stains, no rusty worry, dishwasher safe
WONDERFUL GIFT for COFFEE LOVERS: The ceramic pour-over coffee maker and cup saucer set are must-have among coffee accessories and make great coffee gift for coffee lovers and at-home baristas. Meticulous & breakage-proof package guarantee safe delivery, also offer a nicer presentation in case you’re giving it as a gift. The porcelain coffee pour-over maker set is good hands-on brewing allowing, every time they brew favourite coffee with great interesting, they will think of you

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