Globe Faith Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Dripper, Porcelain V60 Pour-over Cone Hand Drip, Pottery Retro Home Filter Coffee Maker, Portable Coffee Filter Brewer for Camping, Travel, Office, Metallic Luster Glaze Size 01

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Product Description

globe faithglobe faith

Persistence in Excellent Quality and Extraordinary Colors and Personalized Styles, Made Us Different and We Take Pride in That!

stoneware coffee and tea potstoneware coffee and tea pot

stoneware metallic coffee maker pour over coffee maker hand dripstoneware metallic coffee maker pour over coffee maker hand drip

pour over coffee v60 drip potterypour over coffee v60 drip pottery

ceramic pour over coffee dripper hand dripceramic pour over coffee dripper hand drip

Varying Metallic Luster, Retro But Fashion Vibe, Presents Each Dripper Is Glamorous And Impressive

Durable and solid hand drip coffee brewer covered with inimitable varying metallic luster protective glaze, antiqued and distinctive from others, each one is unique and never fading as time going.

Robust And Strong In Character, Good Choice For Greater Heat Reservation

Made of a dense mineral ceramic fired up to 2372 F, sturdy and thick cone and heat retention, more healthier than other materials for coffee making. Great flexibility and room for brewing, the coffee dripper allows a faster and fully extraction.

One Big Hole Make Coffee Quickly, No Blocking Trouble

Exit single big hole full of 3/4 inch avail for the coffee flow centrally, percolator brews quickly and smoothly, a perfect balance between seep and flow. Allow you to pour the water quickly for a delicate body or slowly for a heavier flavor.

Ultimate V60 Conical Shape and Inside Ridges Features Let You Improve Brew Control Ability In Each Process

V60 cone shape allows for deeper layering of coffee grounds, the inside ridges enable the air flow and escape up all around, and allows for maximum coffee expansion, help prevent a vacuum forming.

The Great Coffee Kit for You to Make a Charming Flavor Cup of Coffee with Ease for Barista-level Brew at Home!

ceramic coffee dripper and makerceramic coffee dripper and maker

dripper coffee maker ceramicdripper coffee maker ceramic

ceramic pour over dripceramic pour over drip

Tailored Pour Over Coffee in Personality, Each Brew is Special

You can change your coffee taste according the speed of water flow and you can easy control how strong the coffee is by the amount of powder, the fineness of the grind and the temperature and amount of the water. A Must-have Coffee Tool For A Vivid Rich Flavor Coffee.

Simplicity and Ease Way, Ultimate Taste and Enjoying

Pour-over V60 funnel shape help keep the grounds in the right place for the water, rich aromatic flows through the cone filter into your cup or serving vessel, so your coffee is brewed just the way you like it. Cute and Portable, Easy & Residue-free Cleaning.

Ceramic Body Is Better Choose Than Stainless Steel and Plastic, Promise Natural Taste

Ceramic cone body ensure delivery purest original natural taste. Spiral ridges extend the extraction route of water from the coffee grounds flow cross to the center, increase the contact time of water and powder for the fully extraction.

retro pour over coffee pot and  dripper and cups setretro pour over coffee pot and  dripper and cups set

pour over coffee maker set ceramicpour over coffee maker set ceramic

A perfect gift for caffeine enthusiasts. To spread happiness in a simple way to friends and family in your life for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Days, Father’s Day, Bridal Shower, Hostess or Housewarming, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Wedding, Anniversary, etc.. They are thinking of you make them happy when snapping their rich flavor coffee. Whether for any coffee lovers or treat yourself, will find out what make a pour over coffee amazing.

Comeback to the Classic Hand Drip Pourover and the Appealing Tasty Component. Enjoy the Fine Things in Life!

The Little Great Coffee Kit for You to Make a Charming Flavor Cup of Coffee with Ease for Barista-level Brew at Home!

Sometimes an item grabs your attention for its Beauty, Simplicity and Nature, as Globe Faith’s coffee rigs fit in with a minimalist lifestyle and sense of modest luxury.The little hand filtering is Ideal for someone doesn’t need too much caffeine, has limited space, great for ecologically conscious interested in DIY movement of pour over fans and healthy awareness coffee enthusiasts, brew only what their need for less waste.
Single serving pourover no handle design, don’t worry break off the handle easily, compact and tiny free up your space of counter & backpack, especially portable for anywhere anytime for fresh coffee.

stoneware pourover coffee maker and cups set ceramicstoneware pourover coffee maker and cups set ceramic

Easy and Fast for Pour Over Coffee:

In a funny way having cup of coffee using the coffee service while watching the sun set has become sort of a spiritual experience.

Wet the paper filter with hot water before putting coffee powder into it, to rinse filter to remove paper flavor.Throw that water used to rinse the filter, spoon coffee grounds into the cone filter, start to make fresh coffee.Pour hot water on the coffee grounds slowly and make a circle motions, plunging, mixing, inverting, and pouring, QUICK & CONVENIENT. Please handle it from the bottom base to lift up carefully when the filter cone body become hot.Coffee and all of the flavors from the beans will flow to the cup with intact fragrance.

Super easy for clean after the coffee brewed, the coffee grounds will go out together with the paper filter for recycling, no mess to deal with, only rinsing the coffee drip cone.

pour over coffee maker ceramic coffee dripperpour over coffee maker ceramic coffee dripper

Why Choose Globe Faith Coffee Ware?

Superior Quality and Food Safe, excellent heat preservation and high temperature resistant property, dapper and great for portable, convenience use wherever and whenever if you like to make a single cup of fresh coffee.Simple and functional, no hassle of coffee grounds blocked and don’t face to bulky of machine and lots of stuffs, easy for cleaning and free up space in your counter and backpack.A little more robust in craftsmanship and extremely good stability in performance, durable, solid and scratch resistant. No handle design, don’t worry breaks off the handle easily, compact and tiny save up your space.Looks visually silky, protected by a non-porous hard-wearing nature organic mineral glaze, metallic antique antracite hue prevents the occurrence of coffee stains, if you end up not cleaning timely.Ceramic pour over coffee maker dripper is dishwasher safe and residue-free cleaning completely and keep dry quickly, as electrically coffee challenging to keep clean, and difficult to keep dry if daily use. The constant moisture creates the perfect environment for bacteria to flourish, yeast or mold in the electric coffee machine reservoirs they taste, and destroy original delicious coffee . Nothing is important than healthy!Pour over hand filter makes coffee has a rich, robust tasty, noticeably better than the taste that get from a coffee machine. Pour-over coffee worth the effort for its accentuate intricate flavors and aromas, mentally rewarding and genuinely improves life.Clever versatile design fits various of mugs or pots, 01 size pourover cone drips base caliber match those vessels within 3.95 inches diameter, 02 size pour-over cone drip base caliber match those vessels within 4.25 inch diameter, they stand on cups steadily and work well and convenience for your use.

1-2 Cups 2-4 Cups 1-2 Cups 1-2 Cups

Paper Filter Match
01 Size 02 Size 01 Size 01 Size

3.94″ X 3.94″ X 2.95″ 4.33″ X 4.33″ X 3.15″ 3.94″ X 3.94″ X 2.95″ 3.94″ X 3.94″ X 2.95″

Item Weight
about 0.31kg about 0.34kg about 0.27kg about 0.25kg

Dishwasher Safe

Scratches Resistant

Heat Reservation

Food Safe

Stoneware Pottery Pottery Porcelain

ECO-FRIENDLY, SAFE and SUPERIOR QUALITY: Exquisite handmade pour over ceramic coffee hand drip feels good and more natural, all the edges are smooth and well made, patented and unique organic mineral glaze with metallic luster presents each dripper outstanding and overwhelming in appearance, lifetime promise never fade. Lead & cadmium free, non-toxic, don’t worry pouring hot water over fine ceramic day in and day out. Food-safe and healthy for daily use, care for your coffee time.
EXCELLENT HEAT PRESERVATION and HIGH-TEMPERATURE RESISTANT PERFORMANCE: Sturdy ceramic body retains heat better than other materials to help ensure a constant temperature throughout the brewing cycle, all of the flavors from the beans will flow to the cup with intact fragrance, coffee not so cool down quickly. Ceramic cone helps to better accentuate coffees with floral or fruit flavor note, for you the smoothness and most amazing flavors. The taste and healthy benefits are well worth it.
PERFECT PORTABLE, EASY to CLEAN and STORE: Tiny dripping pour-over is the easiest way to make a really decent cup coffee with minimal fuss or effort when out traveling, camping, RVing, picnic, office or at hotel room. Super easy to clean, without any stray grounds, don’t worry of coffee stains, rusty and oxidized, BPA free, dishwasher safe. Mini pourover no handle design, compact and free up more spaces for your counter and cupboard,even save excess space in your backpack. Storage easily.
DIY with INTERESTING in YOUR WAY: Small durable coffee rig bring you fresh DIY coffee with great fun, the manual brewing method gives you complete control over the flow, brew time, water temperature for better brewing, so the coffee is brewed just the way you like it. Simple to brew, no messy coffee grounds to deal with, they all go out with the filter, easy-peasy to use. Handle it from bottom base when operation, use 01 paper filter. Fresh great tasting coffee everytime, SIMPLE & HEALTHY!
PRATICAL, WONDERFUL GIFT for COFFEE LOVERS: Pour over is beauty in minimalist lifestyle, clever versatile design fits various of mug or pot caliber within 4 inches, it works well. Reusable filter cone is must-have among coffee ware, makes great coffee gift for coffee lovers and at-home baristas. Meticulous & breakage-proof package ensure safe delivery, offer a nice presentation in case it as a gift. As a hands-on brewing kit, everytime they brew favourite coffee happily, they will think of you.

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