Gevi 4-in-1 Smart Pour-over Coffee Machine Fast Heating Brewer With Built-In Grinder, 51 Step Grind Setting, Automatic Barista Mode, Custom Recipes, Descaling Function, Silver, Aluminum, 1000W

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About Gevi Espresso Maker

We are committed to provide you a best brewing experience. High pressure pump ensures the flavors, maintaining the aroma of the coffee.

GeviPour&Espresso CoffeeMaker

Gevi Espresso Mahcine

☕【UNMATCHED GRIND CONSISTENCY】: When choosing a grinder, perhaps no virtue is as important as consistency- it helps you refine your technique and prevents distortion of your coffee’s flavors. That’s why, unlike traditional conical burr grinders, Gevi uses flat burrs to create more uniform micro-grounds and allow you to extract the maximum flavor, without heating up and distorting the flavor of your beans.
☕【STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS】: Not at your best before your morning coffee? Gevi’s Beginner Mode displays instruction screens to guide you through the process. Experienced users can use Master Mode instead for a quicker experience, once they’ve got the hang of things.
☕【FOR ALL BREWING METHODS】: Different brewing methods need different grounds. It’s not enough to be consistent if you lack flexibility. That’s why Gevi’s rotatable dial allows for 51 distinct grind settings, and it can process a wider variety of coffee beans to produce many different extraction levels. This way, you have complete control over exactly how your grounds turn out, every time, for any drink you like.
☕【EASY TO ACCESS CHAMBER】: The technique for perfect pour-over coffee is straightforward and fun, but it requires a long time to perfect, and every iteration takes time and focus. Gevi is here to help you easily, quickly, and reliably reach that level.
☕【USE AUTO MODE TO SKIP FINE-TUNING】: The Gevi automatic mode is designed to ensure every cup achieves the Gold Cup Standard. Users only need to input 3 steps in Automatic Mode, so you won’t have to worry about hand grinding your beans, blooming grounds manually, or carefully monitoring the temperature, angle, and speed of each pour- Gevi can take care of all that for you!
☕【100% RESTORE POUR-OVER TECHNIQUES】: Gevi’s team of baristas have done the work to set up a variety of presets to simulate the manual pouring of an experienced barista – we call it Gevi-Standard Baristial Coffee. You can get the same world-class quality for less attention and no matter your experience level, with Gevi. Besides, we are already in the application process of ECBC (European Coffee Brewing Centre) Gold Cup Certification to advance its own Barista mode even further.
☕【CUSTOMIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH BARISTA MODE】: Instead of following a recipe, use the progress bars and digital graphs to customize the process by feel. Try new combinations of brew ratios, brew speeds, and bloom times, then save them for future use. Virtually every part of the coffee-making experience can be saved and perfectly replicated whenever you need it to deliver unmatched consistency every time.

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