Gaggia Anima Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Machine, Includes Auto Frother for Lattes and Cappuccinos with Programmable Options

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Price: $699.00
(as of Jan 21,2022 05:10:29 UTC – Details)


The Gaggia Anima Deluxe is the second machine in the Anima series. The Deluxe is a super-automatic espresso machine that wraps over 75 years of espresso making experience in an elegant design that blends modernity and tradition.

CAPPUCCINATORE: To prepare specialty milk drinks, the Anima Deluxe uses an auto-frothing Cappuccinatore which siphons and froths milk directly from a container and dispenses it into your cup. There is a dedicated button located on the front of the machine to activate the frothing cycle and produce rich, creamy milk foam. The Cappuccinatore can also be used to dispense hot water for drinks like a Cafe Americano or hot tea.

SLEEK DESIGN: The Anima Deluxe sets itself apart from the plastic housing found on machines in the same price range with striking stainless steel front paneling. The machine is has a slim profile (less than 9 inches wide), intuitive buttons, and an LED display.

PROGRAMMABLE: The Gaggia Anima Deluxe drink buttons can be programmed with your preferred beverage volume, strength, pre-infusion, and temperature (Min/177.5 °F, Med/182.9 °F, Max/184.5 °F). You are also able to choose between using whole bean or pre-ground coffee.

LARGE CAPACITY: The Anima Deluxe has a 60oz removable water reservoir and an 8.8oz bean hopper. The drip tray can hold up to 24oz of water and the internal dreg bin can hold up to 15 pucks of spent coffee.

EASY MAINTENANCE: The machine features a removable brew unit as well as an automatic rinse and descale cycle. The integrated milk carafe uses an automatic cleaning cycle to keep the milk circuit clean.

LOW-ENERGY STANDBY MODE: After one hour of idle time, the Anima Deluxe will enter a low energy (-1 W) standby mode to reduce power consumption.
AUTO-FROTHING FOR MILK-BASED DRINKS: Cappuccinatore milk frother to make lattes and cappuccinos
PROGRAMMABLE: Programmable brewing options for espresso and espresso lungo. 15-BAR PUMP : Pumps the water through the ground coffee at high pressure to ensure better-tasting crema topped espressos.
TEMPERATURE CONTROL: 3 different temperature settings. Min/177.5 °F, Med/182.9 °F, Max/184.5 °F. Pump type: Vibration pump
EASY ACCESS TO WATER RESERVOIR AND BEAN HOPPER: Features a removable 60 oz water reservoir that can be accessed on the top left of the machine, and an 8.8 ounce capacity bean hopper with access from the top right of the machine

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