French Press Fit Coffee Press Part Stainless Steel Filter for Most French Press Maker 34oz (1000ML)

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Price: $11.99
(as of May 23,2022 22:51:02 UTC – Details)


✔️The press fits Simple to use, easy to operate, home and outdoor, easy to carry
✔️Pressure rod and Lid: the rod is stainless steel, the lid is plastic(not removable)
✔️Precision filter: stainless steel
✔️Rubber ring: Removable rubber
✔️Lid: not removable
✔️Application: General purpose most French press maker and teamaker
✔️Size: 3.7 inches in diameter, 8.5 inches in height
✔️Weiht: 0.17 lb

👍 Filter Size: The coffee press fit has a filter diameter of 3.74 inches, and a height of 8.2 inches. It is compatible with most French coffee makers and can be applied to other French press coffee of the same diameter.
👍 Whether you are brewing coffee for breakfast or lunch, the French filter can filter the residue very well, making it easy for you to DIY. Just keep the lid and slowly press it down to filter the coffee residues.
👍 The stainless steel filter with rubber can precisely filter the sediment, tea, and coffee grounds, and provide you with delicious and delicious drinks.
👍 Durable, high-temperature resistant rubber, and BPA-free, you can make delicious French press coffee wherever you take it.
👍 Press rod and lid: The rod and filter are made of stainless steel, and the cover is made of plastic. The rubber ring is removable.

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