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10 Best French Press Coffee Makers in 2020 Revealed

You are at the right place if you are looking ahead to buy the Best French Press Coffee Maker for your home. 

Do you know which one is the Purest form of coffee? French Press is known for its simplest way of brewing and it provides us with an earth-friendly cup of coffee every time. 

So, Let’s start now revealing the best Coffee Makers for French Press for you. 

Quick Look on Our Recommendations

  1. Stanley French Press Coffee Maker
  2. Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker
  3. Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker
  4. SterlingPro French Press Coffee Maker
  5. KONA French Press Coffee Maker
  6. Mueller French Press Coffee Maker
  7. Cafe du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker
  8. Secura French Press Coffee Maker
  9. Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee Maker
  10. Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker

What is the French Press?

French Press is also known as Coffee Press. It is one of the fastest, Purest, and authentic brewing methods of coffee. 

French Press is a coffee Making process in which we use a Carafe (A beaker like Flask) which has a plunger with a lid on top of the plunger. 

Process of brewing French Press coffee 

Put some coarse ground coffee in the Carafe, add some boiling water, and pull the Plunger’s handle and close the lid of the Carafe.

 After a few minutes of brewing, we have to just press the handle and the filters of the plunger to extract the coffee and keep the ground coffee separate on the base of the Carafe. 

Then we have to pour the coffee in a cup and enjoy it. 

What to look for in a French Press?

The French Press Coffee Maker usually has several parts that combine to make a proper French Press, But as we talk about the main components The Carafe, Plunger, and the Lid are the main components of french press. 

1. Body :

Carafe – 

The carafe is the part that holds the water, Ground coffee, and pours the brewed coffee from its small ejection point. The carafes are made up of Borosilicate Glass, Stainless Steel, and Plastic Material. 

All these materials have their own qualities as Borosilicate Glass has a clear view of the brewing of coffee and looks elegant, The Stainless Steel is a durable material and looks shiny like a mirror. 

Whereas, the Plastic material is not good for coffee brewing but durable and good for travelers.

Plunger –

The plunger has 3 parts – Plunger, handle, and filters.  We have to just push the plunger after brewing. The coffee grounds get settled on the base of the carafe and the brewed coffee is filtered by the filters of the plunger and ready to be served. 

Lid –

The lid is the top cover of a carafe. The plunger fits in the center of the lid. We should check for the lid that it should be properly tight while brewing and pouring the coffee. 

2. Filters:

The filter is the most important part of a French Press as the brewing depends on the filters of the French Press Coffee maker. 

If the filters can’t filter the ground coffee the coffee we will get won’t taste proper and we will have a bad cup of coffee with the coffee sediments on it. 

Usually, the French press has 2 filter layers or maybe more layers of filters to make a perfect filtration of the coffee. 

3. Sizes:

French Press Coffee Makers are designed in various sizes. Usually, you can find 12 Oz, 32 Oz, and 48 Oz sizes of the french press. You can choose according to your use of the French Press and the number of members in your home. 

4. Material:

The French Press Coffee Maker is made up of mainly three types of material Glass, Stainless Steel, and Plastic. 

Borosilicate Glass material gives you a transparent view of the brewing process and looks elegant. It might be fragile but some french presses come with a durable frame on it. 

Stainless Steel material gives you a durable French press with a shiny look and has a longer heat retention feature. 

Plastic material is not suggested to brew hot beverages but can be a good use for travelers as they are lightweight and durable. 

5. Price / Budget:

One of the major factors to buy a French Press is Your Budget. Have you decided how much you are willing to spend for a French Press? This will help you to filter your selection easily and comfortably. 

6. Durability & Portability:

The French Press we buy should be portable and durable. If we have a portable french press we can easily carry from our home to the office, or while traveling we can add it to our Backpacks.

Anything we buy has some spending of money involved in it and if it’s a durable product then we feel worthy of spending a single penny on that product. Hence, Durability is one of the main factors that we should check. 

7. Warranty:

Warranty means if your French Press Coffee Maker is having any issue in the given duration of the warranty, You can easily replace it or repair it in their service centers. 

So longer the warranty period is, the longer you can use it without paying an extra single penny for that product. 

Our Best French Press Coffee Makers

1. Stanley French Press Coffee Maker

Stanley has invented this French Press Coffee Maker to keep your coffee hot and keep you boosted throughout the day. 

As they know that your steamy kindness is what gets you out of bed and throughout the day. 

You just have to pour in your grounds, pour in boiling water, then place the insulated lid with the plunger handle pulled up. 

Wait for just 5 minutes and press the plunger handle down. A perfect and amazing brewed coffee is ready for you in a few minutes.

It’s the perfect french press coffee maker for camping as well as your kitchen. 


  1. Make Now, Drink Later
  2. Strong and Durable
  3. Easy to Clean
  4. User Friendly
  5. Lifetime Warranty
  6. Large Capacity – 48 Oz

Customer Ratings: 4.5/5

It Brews large quantity in just 5 minutesIt is too big in size. 
Keep drinks hot for 4 Hours and Cold Brew for 9 HoursHeat Retention reduces with regular use.
Dishwasher friendly parts 
Boost with Lifetime Warranty



2. Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker became one of the most popular coffee makers in the world due to its pure and simple taste. 

The material (glass and Stainless steel) are completely taste-free, which is the reason that nothing comes in between your ground coffee beans. 

Bodum took over a Clarinet factory in Normandy in 1982. The reason for taking over that company was not due to its production of fine Orchestra clarinets but was because of a hidden coffee maker called the Chambord which they produced. 

The Tasters use this method to examine the quality of coffee beans. As we do not use any paper filters in this method of coffee brewing, it has no waste as well as it gives us the essential coffee bean’s oil directly to our cup of coffee with the flavors which are lost on paper filters. 

The reason simplicity works best, the Chambord’s design has not changed from its original concept. It makes taste, Not waste. 


  1. Timely Creative
  2. Design is User Friendly
  3. Affordable Pricing
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Capacity – 51 Oz

Customer Ratings: 4.5/5

Stainless steel frame and metal lid Fragile Product
Heat-resistant Borosilicate glass Carafe
Three-part stainless steel filters
Easy to use
Safe parts for dishwashing



3. Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker

Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker is a product of Brand named Coffee Gator. They have a mission to have more smiles per cup. 

Coffee Gator thinks that every person should have a basic human right to drinking an amazing barista-quality coffee at their home. This is the reason that Coffee Gator has poured their heart and souls into developing products that make doing that an easy and comfortable way for you. 

Coffee Gator takes a stand for you in the face of inferior products, made from unsustainable materials, which disappoints you. Coffee Gator defends you from coffee braggarts who says that you can’t make a perfect coffee in your home. 

They plant coffee in the highest mountain top to get it for you as you deserve to drink better coffee at your home. 


  1. Premium class French Press Coffee Maker
  2. Double-walled Stainless Steel Insulation
  3. Keep your coffee warm for 1 hour longer than glass
  4. Professional Grade Everyway. 
  5. Tough, durable, and rust-free. 

Customer Ratings: 4.7/5

Spring-loaded plungerOne size available -34 Oz only
Cool-Touch Handle French Press is not dishwasher friendly
Military Grade 304- Stainless steel 
Color variants available
Safe parts for dishwashing



4. SterlingPro French Press Coffee Maker

The Sterling Pro French Press Coffee Maker has a unique design with two filters that clean the inside walls evenly and tightly and also handles any remaining coffee grounds that may have missed through the first filter. 

This makes us ensure that our coffee is totally ground free. 

The Interior wall of Sterling Pro French Press Coffee maker keeps your coffee hot and the outer wall remains cool. 

The French Press is made up of high-quality Stainless Steel. This French Press is easy to clean. 


  1. Top-rated French Press Coffee Maker
  2. Zero Coffee Granules Guarantee
  3. Superior Stainless Steel Design
  4. 30 Days Money-back Guarantee
  5. Easy to clean

Customer Ratings: 4.6/5

High-quality stainless steelNo travel Option Available
Double Filter levels for no grounds promise



5. KONA French Press Coffee Maker

KONA French Press Coffee Maker has a stainless steel filter and a large handle to give you a good grip to handle it properly, and a criss-cross black shell over the glass carafe. 

It has a beautiful little design which makes it unique. Two variants of sizes are available, 12 Oz and 34 Oz for this french press coffee maker, and made up of extra-thick borosilicate glass with an insulated outer criss-cross frame. 

It has a BPS/ BPA- free lid which doesn’t have any plastic contact and makes your morning coffee great. 

The stainless steel filters are detachable and dishwasher safe which makes KONA French Press Coffee Maker more convenient, User Friendly, and Worth your Money. 


  1. It extracts your coffee with the Purest way.
  2. Protective Design with a better Grip handle.
  3. Comfortable Handle for Travellers
  4. Dishwasher safe cleaning 
  5. Portable and Eco-Friendly

Customer Ratings: 4.5/5

Made of Extra thick Borosilicate Glass with a Durable shieldMade of glass, means fragile 
Dishwasher Safe CleaningOnly Two sizes available
BPA/BSA- free Lid 
The bottom has Rubber to make it safer



6. Mueller French Press Coffee Maker

The Mueller French Press Coffee Maker is made up of stainless steel and is rust-free. 

It looks like a simple French press but it’s modern and Robust. It produces strong and flavorful cups of coffee for you. 

The double-wall exterior and interior make your coffee extraction better. It has a mirror finish and elegant design and it can be used for multi-purpose. 

It’s easy to use and a durable Coffee maker. 


  1. 3 layered Filters to stop the sediments of coffee
  2. 33% thicker, 20% Heavier, Build to Last long.
  3. Multiple Uses 
  4. European Engineered and American Guarantee
  5. Satisfied Customers

Customer Ratings: 4.9/5

Made of Stainless Steel Filter cleaning is not easy
The Fine Filters prevents bitterness
It extracts Flavorful and Full-bodied coffee 



7.  Cafe du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker

Cafe du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker agreeably provides us the best coffee in comparison to a coffee maker made of Glass and Stainless Steel. 

This coffee maker is made of thick borosilicate glass and partially surrounded by 304 grade of stainless steel. This looks like a unique design concept. 

The lid of this coffee maker is made of plastic but it’s BPA-free. This also has a 4 layered filtration system which makes this coffee maker one level up as compared to its competitors. 

One of its filters is on top, this assures us that our coffee experience is not going to ruin anytime. 


  1. 4 Level Filtration Coffee Maker
  2. 304-grade Stainless Steel Material
  3. Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
  4. BPA- free

Customer Ratings: 4.5/5

Four Level Filtration MethodOnly One size available – 34 Oz
Spring Loaded Baseplate for a tight seal
BPA- Free
Lifetime Warranty
Dishwasher Safe 


8. Secura French Press Coffee Maker

Secura French Press Coffee Maker is a Double wall insulated coffee maker and keeps your hot coffee or cold brew at its perfect temperature for a longer time period and the exterior wall remains cool.

It has a 3 layered filtration system to get you a sediment-free coffee every time. It is designed in a compact size of just 500ml.

It is a perfect coffee maker for giving a gift to someone as well as using it in your home. 


  1. Double-wall with 18/10 stainless steel body.
  2. Heat resistant
  3. 3 Layered filtration Process.
  4. Comfortable handle and knob
  5. Easy to Clean and dishwasher safe.
  6. Size – 17 Oz

Customer Ratings: 4.8/5

3 Layered Filtration SystemHandle looks Unsustainable
All Parts are Metal 
Parts are Detachable 
Easy to Clean



9. Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee Maker

Kitchen Supreme French Coffee Maker is made up of German Borosilicate Glass which has a shock-resistant glass with a stainless steel frame on it. 

It has a bundle of accessories to give you a perfect start – a long Stainless steel spoon, a recipe book, and a coffee scoop. 

This coffee maker brews eight cups of coffee at a time and it has a 4 level filtration system to provide you sediment-free coffee even out of the finest grounds.   


  1. Enclosed stainless steel Double Lid
  2. 4 level Filtration System
  3. Strong German Borosilicate Glass
  4. New and Superior Design 
  5. 3 Year Replacement guarantee 

Customer Ratings: 4.6/5

Easy operation and cleaningFragile due to Glass material used. 
Worth for Money
It extracts Flavorful and Full-bodied coffee 



10. Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker

The Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker is the latest twist on the Classic Favorite coffee Maker. 

The new design has a sleek and new ergo handle and a highlighted Bodum Logo. 

Bodum Brazil French press has proved that an affordable high style design can be paired with the classic function of brewing coffee. 

This coffee maker is available in 3 or 8 cup sizes with color variants.  


  1. Easy to Operate 
  2. Dishwasher safe Coffee Maker
  3. 3 variants of sizes available – 12 Oz, 34 Oz, and 51 Oz
  4. Base and Handle are BPA- free Polypropylene
  5. The carafe is made of German Borosilicate Glass
  6. The plunger is made of Stainless Steel 

Customer Ratings: 4.3/5

French press made of GlassGround Left in the Carafe is hard to clean
3 Layered Filtration System 
Coffee is always sediment-free
Easy to clean



Benefits of French Press Coffee Maker?

1. Powerful Protectant of Body Organs:

Coffee helps us to protect our many body organs with its nutrient value. It protects our Heart, Brain, liver, etc. 

It plays a vital role in our day to day life as normal people get some diseases and stress due to their lifestyle and whereas coffee becomes a protectant of our body organs. 

2. Strengthens us Neurologically:

French press coffee, in the long run, helps us to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diseases and some antioxidants also improves our cardiovascular system.

As the French press is the purest f method of coffee brewing, it helps in building blocks of our Neurological System.

3. Improves Reaction Time: 

Coffee has lots of antioxidants which improves our stimulation of the nervous system and as well as improves our alertness and reaction time for any work or sensation. 

Hence, If we consume coffee on a regular basis our brain works properly and our life expectancy will also improve. 

4. Protects from Risk of Diseases:

Coffee has thousands of antioxidants and after brewing it develops more than 100s antioxidants in it. It protects us from the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Liver diseases, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Tooth Cavity, etc.  

5. Superior Quality Coffee:

French Press is the Purest and authentic form of coffee brewing. It gives us superior quality of coffee like nature intended with the flavor and fragrant aroma of the coffee blend being used to brew in the French Press. 

The coffee is not processed with the bleached filters and the ground coffee after using can be used as fertilizers on your farm. Thus, The French Press is the best way to brew your favorite coffee anytime. 

Wrapping Up

Now coming to the final points as we discussed on this blog, 

you came to know about French Press, what are the things to consider while buying the best suitable French Press Coffee Maker for your Kitchen? Benefits of French Press Coffee and what makes it Superior among other brewing methods. 

I hope now you have a clear picture in your mind about French Press Coffee Maker and you might have decided which one is the best French Press for your home? 

If you are still confused, you could go for –

Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker 


Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker

If you have queries after reading this blog, You can comment or message below. 

Thank You Coffee Lovers !!

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