French Press Coffee Maker – Stainless Steel, with 34-Ounce Borosilicate-Glass Heat-Resistant Beaker, Triple-Filtered European-Style Coffee Press – Includes Spoon, Measuring Scoop, & Bonus Filter

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Product Description

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The French press is a marvel of the coffee world. This visually appealing and simple-to-use tool produces incredible-tasting coffee that’s unparalleled to that of a traditional drip machine. The latter uses paper filters which often do not fully saturate every coffee ground and absorb their natural oils in the paper, robbing the cup of coffee from its full potential of flavor and wasting perfectly good grounds. Our French press saturates each ground, releasing flavorful oils, resulting in rich, robust, mouthwatering flavor you’ll look forward to tasting each and every day.

Top Features

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Triple-Filter Screen System

Stainless-steel fine mesh filter ensures a full-bodied brew, extracts your coffee’s essential oils and acids for maximum flavor, and keeps grounds and sediment out.

Borosilicate Glass

Made of borosilicate glass—a thick and durable glass with superior thermal qualities, the French press resists thermal shock when it goes from cool to hot and helps maintain coffee at a favorable temperature.

Modern Mirror Finish

Simple yet sophisticated silhouette paired with an entirely mirror-finish stainless steel gives the French press set a stylish and updated look.

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Product Details:

Immerse yourself in a whole new coffee drinking experience with FineDine’s premium French Press .

Heat-resistant borosilicate glass body and double-walled lid Double-walled lid Easy-pour spout and ergonomic handle

Package Content:

Stainless Steel Borosilicate Glass French Press, Capacity: 34 Oz./1005 ml.

Stainless Coffee Spoon ~ Stainless Coffee Scoop

Replacement Filter Screen

Why You’ll Love It

Enjoy With A Friend

Perfect size for serving coffee for one to two. this French press’s capacity of 34 ounces allows you to brew more than enough coffee for 2. Functional and beautiful, this gorgeous French press will surely be the centerpiece of any table setting when entertaining guests.

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Purest Coffee Ever

A truly great cup of coffee has the power to transport and inspire. Yet when on the go, we often settle for a convenient cup that falls short, a harried hustle out the door, a crowded commute, a day of back to back meetings, you deserve something incite; we invented one that delivers!

The Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers

Looking for a gift to get the coffee lover in your life? The French press method extracts the perfect amount of oils, acids, and flavor for the best cup of coffee they’ve ever tasted. Our French press includes a measure scoop, mixing spoon, and replacement filter to make brewing coffee the best way simple and convenient.

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About Us

As a family-run company that knows the importance of sitting down together at a dinner table, we at FineDine hold a very high standard for kitchenware. Our company develops high quality glassware, serveware, and kitchen tools that not only look great, but make the cooking and serving experience all the more pleasurable. We’ve created an exclusive French press set that we’re certain you’ll love!

Premium 3-piece French press set includes stainless-steel and borosilicate-glass French press, measure scoop, s-shape spoon, and replacement mesh filter for an all-inclusive European coffee-drinking experience.
Chic, durable stainless-steel and borosilicate-glass construction retains temperature of hot and cold drinks. Coffee French press pot effectively resists rusting and shattering from thermal shock. Double-walled lid offers insulation. perfect for indoor, outdoor, on the go, camping, picnic, etc.
French press’s 3 layer filter structure traps every coffee ground, ensuring perfectly smooth full-bodied flavor. Simply pour coarse coffee grounds into the press pot, pour water, allow to steep for 3 minutes, push plunger knob down, and now coffee is ready to enjoy!
French press kit includes 1-tbsp. metal scoop and stirring spoon for accurate measurements and mixing in milk and sugar. Manual coffee maker’s comfortable handle and easy-pour spout make serving beverages a pleasure.
Beaker can be removed from metal casing for thorough cleaning. Dishwasher safe. French press coffee maker dimensions: 8” tall, diameter 4”, 34 oz/ 1005 ml capacity.

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