French Press Coffee Maker 20oz Stainless Steel Personal French Press Maker with Manual Mill, Spoon

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Price: $18.99
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Product information:
French press maker set
Material: borosilicate heat-resistant glass/stainless steel
Capacity: 600ml / 20oz
Weight: 0.88 lb
Storage: Place in a ventilated and dry place
Enjoy: Servings for five people
Uses: making coffee, making tea, milk froth

Hand coffee grinder
Material: resin + stainless steel
Grinding core: ceramic
Coffee bean capacity: 36 grams
Product size: 2.3in*6.7in
Weight of grinder: 0.66lb
Scope of application: grinding coffee beans, pepper

Spoon length: 8.2in
Capacity: 0.2lb
3-piece french press coffee maker 20 oz : made of high temperature resistant high boron glass & 304 stainless steel, 20oz French press, a long coffee spoon, and an exquisite manual grinder, which can be coarsely or finely ground according to your needs Grind and make the coffee you like.
Press coffee maker glass: The glass is made of heat-resistant, acid and alkali resistant high borosilicate glass, Can withstand temperature difference -20℃~150℃, durable.
The filter of the French press adopts 3 layers of fine filtration to better block the coffee residues and separate the sediments, allowing you to experience the coffee aroma and provide you with more aromatic coffee drinks.
French press coffee maker with multiple uses, enjoy life as you please: the layered fine filter design can not only brew coffee, but also brew tea, but also make pure milk to make American pure coffee, tea, cappuccino, drink coffee, make tea, and make milk.
Products include: French coffee maker *1, manual coffee grinder *1, coffee spoon *1 .The manual coffee grinder easily grinds the fresh coffee beans you need, easy to use.

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