FOXAS Pour Over Coffee Filter, Reusable Coffee Dripper, Stainless Steel Drip Coffee Filters, Paperless Permanent Coffee Strainer, Metal Cone Coffee Mesh Filters for 1-4 Cup with Cleaning Brush

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Product Description



Built-in finish, perfect for making 1 ~ 4 cups of coffee. 304 stainless steel inner filter woven mesh, 800 holes per square inch, hole size is 15 μm (micrometers). So it is not necessary to place a paper filter during use.


How to use

Simply place the pour-over coffee filter on top of your coffee cup.

Use one and a quarter cups of water to one tablespoon of coffee per cup, as the grounds absorb some water.

Pour enough water on the coffee grinds to cover them and let them bloom for 30 seconds. It really improves the flavour and the coffee. Then slowly pour on more water but never to the point where the coffee grinds start to float.

Materials: 304 stainless steel & silicone

Dimension: 18.4 * 8.8 * 10CM

Design: honeycomb

Weight: 180g

Make 1 ~ 4 cups of coffee

Make an individual coffee

Easy maintenance

Goodbye to waste paper







Take time in the cafe every day is to enjoy life. We advise you to taste your coffee with teaspoons at FOXAS, which you can also find on Amazon!

We suggest that you wash the filter immediately after use, clearly if you leave the coffee inside, it cools down and becomes more difficult to wash, and the filter may be affected.

Please rinse it with clear water, do not scratch it with objects hard, so as not to damage and affect the use! You can also use the vinegar or lemonade to clean the coffee stainer.


Reusable and paperless pour over coffee filter,reduces the use of disposable filter paper, environmentally friendly product. Improve the process, the handle will no longer fall off.
The number of meshes indicates the number of holes per square inch. The higher the number of meshes, the more the number of holes, the finer the particles filtered out.Our coffee filter is 800 meshes,which is higher than normal filter.So the coffee that is brewed using this device tastes so much better than others.
Made of stainless steel and really shiny,comes with little brush,easy to clean and dishwasher safe.The inner diameter is 3.94 inches and the overall height is 3.35 inches.
Honeycomb Design,modern and stylish,arrived in a nice looking box.It can also be a gift for friends and family,boyfriend/girlfriend.
We’ll offer 100% refund if you’re not completely satisfied with our pour over coffee drippers within 180 days. Please send E-mail to us ASAP if you have any problem.

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