FOSKU Stovetop Espresso Maker, Stainless Steel Moka Pot, Italian Style Coffee Maker, Espresso Pot For 6 Cups, 300ml (Silver)

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FOSKU Stovetop Espresso MakerFOSKU Stovetop Espresso Maker

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FOSKU Stovetop Stainless Steel Espresso Maker


Material: Stainless Steel, SiliconeCapacity of 10oz: 6 expresso sized cups/10oz/300mlCapacity of 6.8oz: 3-4 expresso sized cups/6.8oz/200ml PACKAGE INCLUDES

1 x Stainless Steel Espresso Maker1 x Introduction

FEATURE The Pot is Made of Stainless Steel U Spout Easy Pour Safety Valve More Security






1. Fill the pot with 3/4 water until just under the valve. Ensure the water does not go above the safety valve.

2. Place the filter in the pot and fill it with coffee powder until it is full.

3. Tighten the bottom and top of the pot together.

4.Place the moka pot on the stove (ceramic, electric, gas or induction) at low/medium setting. As soon as coffee emerges from the tube, the pot can be removed from the stove. The residual heat will push the remaining water upwards.

The inside of the bottom partThe inside of the bottom part

The surface finishing of inside of the bottom chamber is electrolysis sandblasting finished not aluminum.

*Electrolysis sandblasting finished is one kind of polishing technology. The inside surface will be a little bit rough.

1. Why choose electrolysis sandblasting finished? — The mouth of chamber is much smaller than the bottom. Considering the feasibility, we use this instead of the traditional polishing technology. And the inside surface will be a little bit rough.

2. It is absolutely not aluminum. According to the working principle of induction cooker, aluminum can not be heated on it. Stainless steel can be heated on it. And the stainless steel density is much more higher than aluminum. Compare to aluminum moka pot, the bottom part of our product is much heavier and sturdy.


– DO NOT fill above the safety valve.

– DO NOT place on uneven ground where the water may cover the safety valve.

– DO NOT pack the coffee into the funnel too tight.

– DO NOT place the coffee maker onto the stove without checking for a good seal.

– DO NOT place onto a stove on a high heat. Gentle low heat is all that is required.

– DO NOT unscrew the coffee maker when hot. – ALWAYS allow the stove to cool before cleaning.

– ALWAYS ensure the safety valve is clean and clear from debris.

– The surface finishing of inside of the bottom chamber is electrolysis stainless sanding finished not aluminum.

– Not mirror polished inside. The inside surface will be a little bit rough.

– It is normal that not all the water in the bottom chamber will go up to the upper chamber.

– Please dry up all the parts after washing.

– The bottom may get darkened when placed over a gas burner.

Coffee Related

PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL & HEAVY DUTY — This espresso maker stove top is made of high quality stainless steel. It is heavy duty, durable, rust-resistant and safety to use. Italian espresso maker will make home espresso like a barista. The aroma of fresh coffee permeated the air. The smell and the flavor will make a fantastic morning. The surface finishing of inside of the bottom chamber is electrolysis stainless sanding finished not aluminum.
EASY TO USE — Using this stainless steel manual espresso maker, it is relax and easy to brew espresso in the traditional way. Fill the lower part of the Italian espresso maker with water, put the ground coffee into the filter, put the top on and place the moka pot on the stove to boil.
ELEGANT DESIGN & STRUCTURE DETAILS — With sleek and beautiful appearance, the espresso pot must be a modern and elegant addition to kitchen. Mirror polished. U style spout easy pour. Heat resistant handle. The lid on the top can be left open.
STOVETOP & SAFETY VALVE — This Italian style coffee machine suitable for most of stoves, such as induction, ceramic, electric or gas. The Italian safety valve in this coffee pot make it more security to use.
DECENT GIFT IDEA & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE — It is also a perfect gift for housewarming and other special occasions. If you are not satisfied with this product, contact us for after-sale service. We are always here to help you to solve the problem.

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