First Ascent Ethiopia Handcrafted Light Roast Single-Serve Specialty Instant Coffee, 8-Packets

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Price: $19.99
(as of Sep 16,2021 06:18:10 UTC – Details)


8 Handcrafted single-serve specialty instant coffee packets. Roasted, brewed, and packaged under one roof for maximum freshness by coffee professionals in Crested Butte, Colorado. Our Ethiopia Hand-Crafted Instant delivers a premium, single-origin flavor profile in an instant coffee! We use a blend of washed and natural processed coffee to deliver balanced sweetness and berry notes that Ethiopian coffee lovers expect. As backpackers and climbers, we created our own solution to enjoying a premium, “third wave” cup of coffee in the backcountry— our Handcrafted Instant. This coffee has received high reviews in Forbes, Backpacker and Outside magazines, but you don’t need to save this instant coffee for alpine adventures. Enjoy First Ascent Coffee’s Handcrafted Instant Coffee on busy mornings, on road trips, while traveling, for baking, or even emergency preparedness. You deserve a great cup of coffee wherever your adventures take you.

TASTING NOTES: Light roast, floral and ripe berry notes. Blend of washed and natural process coffee from Ethiopia.
SPECIALTY GRADE: 100% Arabica. We source coffees that are in season from small farms and co-ops.
QUALITY: We roast fresh crop green coffee, brew it to precise standards, freeze dry it, and package it all under one roof for maximum freshness. Cheap instant coffee companies sacrifice flavor for higher yields, and use a spray freeze dry technique which results in that yucky “instant coffee” taste.
ADVENTURE READY: Dissolves in hot or cold water. A perfect choice for camping, travel, emergency preparedness or outdoor adventures.

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