FIRJOY 53.3mm Coffee Distributor Precision Tamper

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Coffee Distributor Precision Tamper 53.3mm By FIRJOY
Are you looking for precision way to makes your espresso puck more consistent every time? A PRECISION palm tamper will not only instantly improve your shots, it will also bring home more of that cafe quality and consistency.
Let’s step up your precision and consistency in your Espresso with this tool.
✅ Precision Adjustment
✅ Easy-to-read Markings
✅ Adjustable Depth to 12mm
✅ Distributor & Tamper Combo 53.3mm
✅ Heavy Duty
Package includes:
1 x Coffee Distributor
1 x Bamboo Mat Stand
1 x Storage/Gift Box
How To Use:
STEP 1:  Dose your portafilter with your desired weight with the dosing ring.
STEP 2:  Adjust and spin the distribution side in the basket until you get a smooth even puck.
STEP 3:  Adjust the tamper side to your desired depth and apply the right amount of pressure to achieve consistent.
-This does take a little trial and error, but it’s easy to pick up once you see the results in the coffee.
-Please DO NOT twist the distributor/tamper to the minimum depth of 3mm.

PRECISION: Step adjustment, 12 steps equals one millimeter of adjustment, accurate to 0.083mm one step, makes your espresso puck more consistent every time.
Easy-to-read Markings: Takes all the guess work out, you can set desired depth easily with markings on both sides, easy to use even for people new to espresso making.
Adjustable Depth: The depth is adjustable from 3mm to 12mm, so you’ve got plenty of room to adjust to your dose or grind size and get adequate compaction in your puck.
Distributor & Tamper Combo 53.3mm: Fits all precision 54mm portafilters/baskets, including but not limited to the Breville Barista Express, Barista Touch, Barista Pro, Infuser.
Heavy Duty: The FIRJOY leveler is made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, weighty feel in your hand, just add it to your cart, instant improvement in your espresso shots.

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